Monday, September 29, 2014

Understanding is MIne

I now understand why I thought my partial dental coverage was ending and why it really isn't.  It's a switch in what part of dual insurances will pay for it.  I think.  My understanding of insurance and government language and policies is willfully close to ignorance.  I cannot get a grasp of the language involved or even the acronyms.  These things seem beyond my capacity to understand despite my best attempts to do so.  I'm not that dumb, so why I cannot understand such documents and their language use is frustrating.

I can do math, understand science, but I can't understand insurance or government written papers.

In other news, my phone issues might be resolved!   I won't be using the lifeline trac phone after this month.  I can't see the one inch square screen and my fingers are too big to punch the tiny buttons.  My minutes for the month are long gone, so I've been subsisting without.  Until I remembered Google talk.  I rediscovered it when desperate for human contact in the last weeks.  I can call out on it free but no one can call in.  The reception, even on a very cheap mic, is crystal clear!  I love it.

However, my younger brother became fed up when he could no longer get in touch with me and knew no one else could either.  He's putting me on his plan, since he gets ten lines and is only using seven of those.   He's sending me a phone, might get it this week and I am very very grateful because it is hard to be alone and isolated and then to also not be able to chat on the phone.

My neighbor had thought about letting me on hers since she gets five lines with her plan and uses only two.   But that hasn't panned out, so I'm so happy my brother is letting me on his.  I don't know anything about having a plan with all these lines for other family members, since I've never had a "plan" with a cell, just prepay.  I've liked prepay because if I could not afford minutes I didn't buy them and did without.  But, when I could not afford the cheapest minutes per month, I had to give that up and get the set amount, with the trac fone, not enough minutes for a month.  I could text if I wanted to text but I needed a 10x mag glass to see that one inch screen, with my old eyes.

I should be reachable again by the end of the week.  In the meantime, I use google talk to call out and chat.

Around here it is not uncommon amongst the people I've encountered, to have no cell service other than what a person can afford in prepaid, sometimes worth a week of calls, no internet, no gas in their car gas tank or no car, and only the TV you can get with an antenna.  People around here are poor and make do.  This is the way it is for many many people.

I feel stupid not understanding the whole insurance issue, or how I could still be partially covered for dental in 2015 when it says I'm covered now but won't be in 2015.  I still can't figure out how I am still covered, but I'm told I will be, that its just shifted, to some other part of my insurance.  (or something).  I feel ashamed that I don't understand it still, but pretended to.  Not ashamed really, just relieved to be pretending to myself to understand so I can dump the experience and the attempt into the delete file in my brain, an action I've wanted to do since the damn big plan book came in the mail.   I think it belongs, in my brain trash can.  I don't want to be attempting to organize the incomplete illegible files on this in my nightmares.  I'll just have to remain in the muddle on it and trust the patient customer service rep who tried very hard to enlighten me. I'm fine letting my brain outsource this one.

I also wanted to point out the sidebar gadgets I added.  I could not resist messing with it and added one at the top right, where you can play videos from my youtube channel and also a ticker showing off the general location of visitors to my blog, which is awesome because I like to see all the different places people come from. (I do my traveling by google maps).


  1. Love that your brother is putting you on his plan. A big win.
    And sometimes I think Government language is designed to be incomprehensible. Or that is my excuse anyway.

  2. It's a huge relief to have a phone solution, although when I have no minutes, but still can call out, using google talk, I don't mind it at all. I'm not a phone talker, never have been. I could still call 911 from the cell if I needed to, so I was covered that way. I didn't mind being unreachable and disconnected. I could do the difficult long suffering (on my part) long time on hold customer service calls to utilities, cable, doctor, health plan, etc., with google talk. But it is very sweet of him to help me out by putting me on his. Very very sweet.