Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Teeth and Cats

Teeth and cats go together.  Cats have teeth.  I have teeth and I love cats.

So I went to the dentist today, for a checkup, since my coverage may or may not be ending soon.

No cavities!   Yay!

But the assistant, oh no.  She had told me when I went in the first time I had my teeth worked on about a year and four months back that she had unfixed cats.  She was going to get them fixed.  She hasn't. She claims they were always pregnant.

Now she has three moms with litters, at least four unfixed adult females.  Plus others.  Plus others, I thought.  Uh oh.

I'm supposed to be out of the game.  I have no funding, no nothing.  But I am still obsessed with stopping feline overpopulation.  When she said her sister usually gives away the kittens free on craigslist, my brain exploded.

I told her I would find a way to get them fixed, and I would find someone to take at least the oldest litter of kittens, allegedly 8 weeks old, six of them.   I called Heartland from the dental chair as the dentist came in to try to check my teeth.  "Hold on," I said, "this is important."  "So is this," she said.  I conceded.

Heartland can fix the first two females next Monday AND take the six 8 week old kittens.  I texted the assistant this evening the THRILLING news. I have nine minutes left on my prepay.  I used three of those to send the two texts.  It's thrilling to me.  I live for this stuff.  I don't get much of it anymore.  Fixing cats, stopping the reproduction, solving big situations.   Am I a has been?

The only issue is who will pay for it.  Be $80 for the first two spays.  She said she could partly pay.   Oh boy.

Well, I'm not cancelling. It'll work out.   And the kittens will get fixed and vaccinated before getting homes!

Slinko approves of this message!


  1. OH man, I hope youget to keep some kind of coverage. You deserve it for being s very kind to those kittens.

    Harvey, Miranda and Silver

  2. Yay. Very good news both for the state of your mouth and for the cats who will no longer be condemned to breed and breed and breed.

  3. Thanks DashKitten. I hope so too!

  4. Thanks EC and Talent Hounds. I hope I can pull it off and that it will all work out in the end.

  5. Good for you! This mess about owning animals and not being responsible enough to control their rampant reproduction is ridiculous.

  6. No cavities is great news and wow, that is a lot of pregnant kitties.

  7. No cavities is AWESOME! No drilling this year! Yes, people should certainly fix their pets Lhasaluma, for sure!