Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cat Pic Saturday

Starr is doing great after her teeth cleaning and seven extractions!  Starr says THANK YOU to everyone who donated to help her.

Rogue enjoys last summer sun!  Rogue too feels so much better after getting all but four of his teeth pulled this year.
Sassy stretches out in the cat run to enjoy the sun.
Mums too enjoys the last of summer sun in the cat run entrance to the cat yard.  Mums is Tugs sister and Sam's best friend.
Teddy with Juno.  Teddy is best friends with Juno, the seed warehouse Siamese.  Teddy is also Starr's brother.  Teddy, Starr and Honey are the three cats here from the Corvallis homeless camp.
Willy Wonka and Bluebell watch me from the cat yard.  The cats play wildly in the cat yard each morning, racing around with cat toys, wrestling with one another and charging up the trees.   Winter with its rain and sometimes flooded yard will be a little less fun.  I will think up ways to make it more fun.

Slinko has become adorably tame, dancing around, wanting petted, held and played with. How strange that he behaved feral for an entire year here, then suddenly reverted back to tame boy. He can play for hours.  He is enjoying life but still bumps heads with Starry and Slurpy now and then.


  1. They are beautiful. And life can only be a heap better with those teeth gone...

  2. It is quick with her, the difference. With Rogue, took a few weeks, but then he had all his pulled and that hurts (except canines). But he has gained weight and confidence and plays with his friends and is out of his shell. Cougie too improved drastically after hers all were gone. So far so good on that regard. But I have another, Jade, who needs a dental. She's next.

  3. Maybe Slinko was truly feral. If they see enough of cats enjoying human contact, they can sometimes switch. Such intelligent observation is just one of their stunning abilities. It could have been behind their initial domestication I think.

  4. It is possible, as at first, he began to prance, arching his back and presenting it to me, but was too shy to allow me near his head. Cats are awesome!

  5. They sure are. First true feral I had switch over was Emmy, tiny black girl, full of air rifle pellets (32) and FeLv. I had her for 6 years. When you get a feral switch over, that's a special friendship.

    She even escaped from the vet and took a year to get back - then it was like she'd never been away from me. Sweet elderly lady neighbour of vet - Ivy used to feed her, until we could get her into a trap. She was very wary. Still miss them all.

  6. Hairy switched over too, before he died, followed me around like a dog then, could not get enough petting and cuddling. Crusty old guy. How I loved him.