Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vision and Miss Daisy Improve

Vision is back to jaunting around the house, tail held like a plume, although I trimmed her hair mid July so there is not much to the plume.  Miss Daisy is eating again, but there's something wrong with her, really wrong, and I don't know how much longer she will be with me.

Her blood work never shows anything wrong, but there is something wrong.

If I had zillions of dollars maybe, with lots of tests, whatever is wrong could be found out, but I don't have zillions and Miss Daisy is old.

Vision this morning. (Orangish ear is my camera's fault and attempts to "fix" a drastically underexposed photo with photo altering programs)

Camera issues plague me.  I knew I would get in trouble taking the flash card in and out of that little donated Kodak camera to upload.   But I could not find a usb upload cord with the proper camera end fitting.   Now it will not read a flash card.  For awhile, if I took it out and put it back in, when the camera refused to recognize it was there, it would work, but no longer.  I don't know what happened.

The flash card is good because I put it then back into the old Canon, that works only on sports setting now, not even on flash, unless I use fill and lighten buttons on Picasa to brighten the photos to be viewable.  I put Miss Daisy under bright lights and used flash too, but no luck with the Vision photo as she won't hold still for that.  I broke down and ordered a used camera online.  I hope it works.  I get nervous buying used online from strangers.  It's not arrived yet.

I am in awe of my sunflowers.  They now are growing above the height of my gutters!  All from one tiny seed.  Some have two inch diameter trunks!  A forest.

Tomatoes this year.  I didn't plant them.  They're volunteers.  But I eat them!

The squash is a volunteer also, growing into the driveway.  I drive around it because I also want to eat the squash.
Yesterday I tore up an old kids mattress from a platform bed I got for free years ago.  The mattress was yucky by now, having been out in the garage cat room, before I moved the whole thing to the second bedroom.   I saved the springs from the mattress in case I want to cover them to make a new used mattress, which is not hard to do. I could also use them as part of a fence.

There's been no real movement on the dead neighbor's house outside of someone came and took photos inside.  However, another neighbor claims its already listed on some sites, as soon to be listed for sale.  She is skeptical as no work has been done on it to prepare it for sale, like the four layers of roofing atop one another issue, or the inside mold issue.  Anyhow, I am hoping to get good neighbors but that is not often the case and I know in the end I may have to find a way to build a fence down that side of the property.  A mattress spring fence is an option.  The crappy stained yucky mattresses offered free for the hauling away on craigslist I could easily strip down to springs, if push came to shove, for an affordable fence.

I painted the platform the old mattress had been on, to seal it, then added vinyl squares I had leftover from something.  Then pillows. Now it's my living room lounger, for me and the cats and quite stylish.  When the camera arrives, I will take a photo!


  1. You are undoubtedly right about Miss Daisy - despite the tests. You know her, and love her.
    Love your sunflowers, and your hardy volunteers.

  2. Thanks EC. I know you are a master with your flowers and garden but I do not have a green thumb. So thank goodness for the volunteers who grow despite myself and when I did not even plant them.