Friday, August 22, 2014

Art and Air Festival

I got up early this morning to go watch the balloons take off at the Art and Air Festival.  It's always fun.  I love the colors.  Yes, I'd like to take a ride someday in a balloon.  The weather was great until after the balloons had launched, then in rolled the clouds.  Most of the balloons ended up south for landings today, looks like.  Not the in town landings of some years.

The used camera I bought came yesterday and I love it.  Plus, I got the little one working again.  I just blew out the card slot with canned air, because apparently something got down in there and that's why the card could not be detected properly by the camera.   I'm happy to have that little one working again, as it is very very easy to carry around. 

Wildish Balloons!

A Tale of Two Balloons

Balloon Dawn
Flagship Balloon

Saluting the Flagship

Flagship Redefined

Stoic Bee Balloons Hold Hands Before Taking Flight


  1. Oh, my god, has it been a year already since you last watched the balloons! Peggy and I were up there that same day attending a button event, and we'll be back doing the same this weekend.

  2. Magic.
    Love them. Always.

  3. did you see any coming down like you did last time? what a fun day!!

  4. No, I didn't Kate. Was just there early to watch them take off, only there maybe an hour and a half. Really early in the morning. I had to be in Lebanon to caretake an old woman by noon, for the weekend.

  5. Jody... Love your descriptions of your rafting on Foster Reservoir. Beautiful!

  6. Thank you LadyieK, what a nice thing to say! I love that lake and my raft!