Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Oh Poppy Oh

Oh my Poppy.  Today she had her last three teeth removed, exactly one year after she had all but three removed.  A year ago, before she had them removed, she had withdrawn, isolated in her pain and lost weight.  She has the allergy, that horrid autoimmune thing, where she is allergic to the lining of her own teeth.  Unless every tooth is removed, the misery keeps on giving.

Poppy was fine with only three canines left for many months.  Until March of this year in fact.  Then she began snorfling and gurgling in her sinuses and I knew.

So today, the last three are out and gone for good.

I brought her home just now, home past three Corvallis Fire and Rescue trucks along the road my vet is on.  I mentioned them to my vet, as I'd passed them coming and they said they had two cats and two dogs there, from the house that caught fire, boarding for now.  "Whew", I thought, "lucky for them."

I drove backroads home, because I don't like making left turns onto highway 20 with no light during rush hour.  Took a few barn photos along the way.


This one is on Metge.

This one is on Oak Grove.

They're laying pipe along Independence road, to carry Natural Gas I think.

Last night, I went up to my Lebanon friends who were hosting a night out potluck.  A few neighbors stopped by, but mostly some of my friends relatives and friends came over.   Some guy down the street sold his big bus RV for a mere $5000 to a couple who drove down from Spokane to buy it.  Then they hit something driving it up off his property and knocked off the oil filter, leaving a trail of oil.  That took them awhile to get that filter off and changed.  Then they couldn't start it, battery dead, but somebody got jumper cables and had to jump it for them, at least twice, cause the young man didn't know to keep it running, once it started the first time.

I was not endeared to them after the young woman, when invited, joined the potluck but kicked one of my friends cats.  After that, I didn't care much if they ever got their new toy running or not or if they broke down on their way to the coast, which is where they were headed with it before going home, they said. 
If you look close you can see the black line of oil coming up from the grass and down the road to the back of the RV bus.

Yard art at my friends' place.

The party was nice and some neighborhood guys were just joining my friends husband in drinks of the hard stuff, adult liquids, he calls it, as I was leaving for home, to put Poppy in the bathroom, so she wouldn't eat during the night, then vomit during surgery.  She cried, being unaccustomed to confinement, so I went into the bathroom to console and hold her and soon she was asleep and so was I.

I'm doing a cat fixing transport tomorrow, just to Heartland, for KATA, but they are Albany cats.  I don't know if they'll have all four, two boys, two moms, one with kittens, whom I will care for tomorrow, while mom is fixed, but I hope so.  One of the mothers, is the mom of those kittens I took up to PAWS a month ago, out in a free box in the rain and the dark.  So it is very important those two girls get fixed and I thank KATA on my knees for making it happen.


  1. I am so glad that Poppy is finally tooth free. Though probably not as glad as you and she are.

  2. Hurray for Poppy and a pain free mouth, hope she recovers easily.

  3. Me too EC, happy they are finally gone! She's recovering well, Everycat, thank you both for the well wishes!