Friday, August 01, 2014

Can't Escape the Thunder

Wasn't enough a thunder storm tore through my camp trip and campground.  I get home and last night, thunder and lightning storms lasted much of the night.

I was tired.  Even so, I decided to try to catch some of the action on my little camera.  But it was a lazy attempt.  I laid on my back in my bed, and held the camera up pointing it out my window, for about seven minutes.   Then I gave up, sleepy, even though the bright white light of lightning flashed in my bedroom every few seconds for hours.  Sometimes with rolling thunder, sometimes with thunder booms and cracks.   I woke several times to the loudest thunder, but only for a moment.  I was tired.

This morning, I checked out the seven minutes I recorded, edited out the dark periods, and reduced the speed of what I had, then added music.  I like watching the one minute clip.  I like it a lot.  It's just weather and life.

With music.


  1. Goodness that was clever. I watched a little bit - and then went and got the smaller portion so he could see it too. I loved it - thank you.

  2. What a compliment that you loved it, too EC! Thanks.

  3. That was fantastic!!!