Thursday, August 07, 2014

$40 Down the Drain or $40 Well Spent?

Guess who just paid out $40 cold cash for two kittens?

Guess who has the kittens' mother and aunt in her bathroom (recuperating after spays paid for by KATA)?

Guess who already took four kittens from these same people a month ago to PAWS, up in West Linn, after they were left out in a box with FREE written on it, in the dark in the rain?

Why pay $40 for two kittens?  To save them, that's why.  They live outside, in a dangerous area, and the people would not otherwise relinquish them, even though everything they need, from flea treatment and worming to spay/neuter, is being paid for by others.

I offered them $50 for all four, but they claim they're keeping two, for reasons not understood by me.  I do not think the chances of the other two reaching adulthood are high.

I'm happy and think it's $40 well spent, even though I do think they should take that $40 and give it to KATA to pay some on the spay help they've received.  But I don't think that's going to happen, most likely.

I'd like to be wrong.

Well check out this video and tell me I did the wrong thing, shelling out shamelessly like that....

It's the muted calico and the buff and white kittens they relinquished. Tomorrow, Heartland will take them on. I think apt names would be Cash and Kari.


  1. You didn't do wrong. But I wish you hadn't had to cough up to save them. And am wishing rather a lot of things on the people who essentially stole your money.
    And very different things for little Cash and Kari. And for you.

  2. You pinned that exactly right, EC, on the nature of the transaction.

  3. Good work, especially getting the Mummy cat. Two kittens left?

    As you say, little kittens living outside might disappear or be picked up and taken to a better life, *hint hint*

    You definitely did the right thing

    Beautiful little kittens.

  4. The two mom cats, who are sisters, both muted calicos, are recuperating in my bathroom from getting spayed yesterday. The one cats four kittens are in there also, two of whom won't go back when I return the sisters to their owner. The two other two, sadly, will return.