Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Studley is Getting a Home!

Heartland just e-mailed, apparently excited, because as they were e-mailing, Studley was getting a home and they wanted to tell me the news.  And I wanted to tell all of you.  Cross your fingers for yard stray number 49!

Studley is getting a home.

Good luck, kid, be good!

THANK YOU, HEARTLAND HUMANE for giving him this chance.

Here is the last update I got from Heartland:  "They adopted him around 3 o'clock today and by 5 they were sending us pictures of him sprawled out on their couch and thanking us for their new "son". So I think he really lucked out!"

Sounds like he got a great home.  Yahoo!


  1. Yay! Congratulations! I just got in from picking my first lettuces in my container garden and made a salad. Great news to eat by. Cheers to ya!

  2. How absololutely BLOODY WONDERFUL.

  3. Amen EC! Has made me very happy!

  4. Amen EC! Has made me very happy!