Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Rain Box Kittens

Last night, fairly late, a woman calls me up. I ran into her once, when I was looking for someone else, whose cat I was to pick up to be fixed. She kept my number all this time. She wanted help getting some cats on her block fixed, and, a neighbor had just asked her to come with her to investigate screaming kittens in a box. She quickly called me back. Her boyfriend would not let her bring them into her rental, but the kittens, left outside in a box, with FREE written across one flap, needed help. I did not hesitate. I jumped in my car and picked them up. There's nothing I can offer for help in fixing cats, except information. They were cold and starved. I had just one old packet of KMR, but I mixed it up and heated up my two warming frisbies and fed the kittens, after warming them up, held them, put them to bed in a carrier, and didn't get much sleep. There's nothing like tiny kittens to quickly create a big mess and also wear out a grown woman. I'm worn out. The mess is cleaned up. Haha, smiling here. The bottle babe specialists at PAWS in West Linn took in the kittens and even met me halfway this morning. I'm off to bed!

1 comment :

  1. I so hope that someday karma comes to roost and bites those people on the butt. Hard.
    Leaving them starving and helpless in a box would be fine by me.