Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cat Day Rain

Would you not like to, now, if you live in Oregon, as I do, doze all day, like Miss Daisy?

It is, afterall, raining here.  Overcast with drizzle.  Have a little gray with your morning coffee, will you?

Thunderstorms with hail, that remained on the ground, like snow, tore through Portland, delighting those who like a little bit of something different served up.

My cat friend in Nebraska experienced extreme weather activity and barely missed riding the center of a Tornado.  She and her family are ok.  That's the good part.

No fires consuming the forests here right now either, like in California. I got no complaints.  Well, I do, but they'd seem kind of teensy and lame to even mention given the really horrible events going on for people in the world.

Slurpy adores Miss Daisy.  These two have been best friends for years.

Slurpy lowers her ears backwards, trying to entice Miss Daisy to groom her.

Miss Daisy would not groom Slurpy, who then appeals to me for petting.  I accommodate!  Of course!

Starry and Miss D are also friends.  Slurpy is a deeper and more loyal kitty than Starry, who craves love and attention and can become jealous.

The nine cats from the Albany business now here, including Rogue and Cougie, who both had all teeth removed in the last months, are family and still stick together.  In the above photo, four of the BN (business nine) sleep together.  Photo shows: Stiletto on the left, Sassy in back, Cougie up front and Misty in the back on the right.

Haley, another of the BN, LOVES life here and plays like a kitten every single day!

Sassy again.  Born to look Furtive!
Buffy is getting older.

Buffy's age, only makes her play more, with more toys.
Sam is such a character. One minute good, the next starting something up.

In the end, after the litter boxes are cleaned, the floors swept and mopped, the dishes done again, we stare, out the window, wishing for the sun.
We live a very simple life here, myself and the cats.  We eat, clean, clean more, sweep, mop, do dishes, read books (not the cats), take walks, play, and do it all again. It is quite a lot of daily cleaning and washing, to take proper care of these cats, a lot of physical work that keeps me moving most of the day.

 Once a week, I get groceries, and that's to make sure also I get out of the house at some point.  Once a month I go to a bigger cheaper grocery store in Salem to stock up on other items for the next month.  I go pick berries to enjoy this summer and to freeze for the winter and so I can make jam.

Twice a month now, although we've just started, I go out to breakfast with another woman in town.  That's it, that's my fancy life, but it's ok.

I know we're supposed to want more, especially here, in America.   I should risk the hand I'm holding to lay it down for a better hand.  But this is the best hand I've ever held, right here, right now, I swear!


  1. You must have fixed your camera.

    Peggy is away for a week, and Brewsky has become almost needy, sometimes going so far as to follow me into the bathroom like a dog.

  2. Flash photos still expose ok on my camera. Am getting new rechargable batteries today, in case that might be somehow part of the w/o flash issue. So you and Brewsky are on your own. Do you have a laser pointer for him? Catnip?

  3. Love your cats sleeping together. Ours won't. They (mostly) get on ok(ish) but are very, very jealous of each other.

  4. Jody, I think this essay is very beautifully and movingly written.

  5. Hey Jim, thanks for saying that. EC, I can see Jazz now, remodeling the top of your frig, ever the rebel, the attention monger. Mostly my herd get along, but there are outbreaks of bullies and cliques that change, what a soap opera!