Monday, June 16, 2014

Studley Mewlittle, former yard stray, Waits at Heartland for a Home

Studley is still waiting, over at Heartland Humane, in Corvallis, Oregon, for a home.

Want a nice kitty?  He's nice.

Want a pretty kitty?  He's pretty.

He's got a nice sad story to boot.   He was living life as a stray, caught him in my yard, after he decided to make it home, along with the single mom with son's yard, and he slept in the dead neighbor's yard.  What a relief it must have been for that starving boy, to find three houses, two of them occupied, where he would not be chased off or yelled at.  However, he would be trapped, fixed and helped.

But now he waits, at Heartland, over in Corvallis, for a brand new home and life.

Go adopt him.  PLEASE!  Give him a break, love, that wonderful home.  Keep him inside, safe from cars, dogs, predators and nasty cat haters.

Please.  Share.  Help Studley get a new life.  Thanks!

Here's a link to the cats for adoption page at Heartland.  Scroll down to find Studley Mewlittle.
Find Studley on this page!

Here are photos of dear Studley when he roamed my yard.  He's been neutered now for some time.  About a month after neuter, those hormones causing territorial behaviors, generally are mostly gone.
Studley found the stray feeder!

He was sooo skinny for an adult male and had on an old flea collar that had given him a bad rash.

After trapping Studley, I put him in a comfy cage in the garage where he gobbled four plates of food!

He waited as I tried to find a shelter that could take him.  Safehaven, in Albany, refused him, but Heartland in Corvallis said they would take Studley and that is where he is now.
This is Studley the day I took him to Heartland (my camera had begun acting up around then, failing to expose properly).  Studley was very well behaved for his exam and blood test.  He tested negative for FIV/Felk.

Spread the word about stately gorgeous Studley, at Heartland in Corvallis, waiting for a home.  My former yard boy!  THANK YOU!

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  1. He is a very beautiful boy - and I hope he finds his forever home.
    And thank you for caring.