Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Updates: White Mom, Sage and Dano

I mentioned in my last blog post the blind white mom who cared for her kittens under a building, despite her disability.  Well, here is the video I took of her kittens and her, not long after rescue.  She doesn't appear in the video until 1:15, however, and had just had eye and spay surgery, at an FCCO Corvallis clinic.  Not long after I took this, she and her kittens went to the thin sisters, who adopted out her kittens, once they were old enough.

I need to go back over to the thin sisters place and get new photos of her. And her handsome blind brother!

As for the dead neighbor's cats, Sunny remains shy in his new Lake Oswego home, but Dano is not shy whatsoever and enjoys life to the fullest with his new mom.

 Doesn't he look happy?
I got a heart warming e-mail from the OSU grad student who adopted Sage, the ultra smart wonderful torti from Lebanon, brought to me soaking wet, having been just hosed down, and crawling in fleas, along with her four boys.  Of her four boys, one went to live in Corvallis.  Another died of a heart defect.  A third went to a rescue in Silverton who found him a home.  And Smolder is still here.  Waiting.  He's a huge and affable black adult now, who loves other cats and I still hope I can find him a home.

The e-mail came with new photos of Sage and arrived at a time I needed to hear something nice.  I love Sage.  She is smart and so funny.  She got the perfect home, with a very smart young woman with a huge heart to go along.  No better home could have been found.

Isn't she wonderful?

These are only three of hundreds upon hundreds of cat situations I dealt with over the years and represent 11 cats who came through my doors.  And moved on.  Except for Smolder.  But I still have high hopes of finding him just the right human.

Don't forget Rogue and Brambles.  Their vet dental surgeries are just a week away and I've only raised so far half the funds needed to pay for it.   If you've got even five extra bucks you'd like to see spent to the penny on a cat in need,  click here and shell out!

LOL.  Happy cat Tuesday!

Oops.  Almost forgot.  My Lebanon friend is fostering two gorgeous Siamese.  A friend of hers owned them, but then moved to an apartment where pets are not allowed, hoping to not get caught I guess.  After many months, she was caught, so she made them live in a cage.  Later, she was threatened with eviction and Becky took them in from her.   They've been in her spare bedroom now a few days and it's quite sad.  They're both fixed.  Ruby came from a local shelter so she is microchipped.  She is shyer than Smokey, the huge long nosed Lynx Point long hair.  I think he's some breed, the type that are very large, and have that very long nose.  But he's also very cross eyed.  Ruby doesn't like dogs or men who yell.  She's a doll who looks for all the world like she has on makeup around her eyes and lipstick.  She gives little sniffs and kisses on your nose!   Smokey came from a farm somewhere, but is fixed.

They are both adults, somewhere near three years old and need homes, preferably at least for Ruby, a quiet no drama, no dogs, no yelling home.  They would love a home together.

Ruby, the girl

Smokey, the boy

If you know anyone who might want to adopt these wonderful cats, leave a comment!  And spread the word!

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