Sunday, May 04, 2014

Surreal Slinko

Since Slinko came out as tame this last January, I made him a facebook page to try to find him a real home.  The cats do love it here, but I could do with the tame kitties getting real homes, if a good home appears and you never know.

Sundays is surreal Slinko day!  I artsy up a Slinko photo to post.  this is the fourth week into it now!

Here are all four Surreal Slinko Sunday post photos:

If you want to join Slinko's facebook page, find it here.   He's a great kitty, loving, but still shy at first, spooks a little too easily to make it displayed in a shelter or Petco cage, so we'll just keep at it with him here and maybe one day, just the right person will appear out of nowhere, like magic, for Slinko.  In the meantime, don't worry, he's very happy here.

And on Sundays, he changes out, starts late Saturday night and by Sunday morning,  Slinko is Surreal!

Not much going on lately.    Two kind Albany souls donated cans to the cat cause yesterday.  I turned in some, and will turn in the rest today.  Helps out so much!  The second can donor lives over near a couple of sisters I know.  Not the Mormon sisters, the thin sisters I've always called them.

I'd been called about a white cat, possibly blind, living under the building next to the Social Security building.  A social security worker had adopted the cats brother, who is completely blind, but could not get the white cat to go into her trap.   After observing her from a distance, for a short time, I realized she was almost completely blind, and that she would need "led" into the trap with a strong trail of bait. I proceeded to trap her.  However, she was lactating.

Can you imagine, being blind and feral with kittens?   Don't try, too heartbreaking.  I couldn't get under the building.   Also I was warned the alarm system for that building would go off if I tried.  I spent almost the entire night by the building, reassuring kittens I could hear beneath it.  Next morning I went home for a short time, and by the time I returned, the thin sisters, who live nearby and love cats, had been on scene, talked to the SS worker, and gone right under to retrieve the kittens, a little black tux boy and a tabby girl.

Vets at the FCCO clinic in Corvallis where the white mom was fixed tried a surgery right there in the van to give her more sight.  She came home with me, eyes all stitched up, besides her spay surgery, and watched her kittens play from a rabbit hutch.   I could tell she was completely relieved.

Where would she go, I wondered, now.  Well, the thin sisters took her in.  Not only that, when I saw an ad for a blind male cat on Craigslist some months later, I knew the SS worker was giving up her brother.  I called the thin sisters and they went and got him.

He's going to be Mr. May in next years Safehaven calendar, they told me, yesterday, because I stopped by, after picking up the load of empties, to say hello.  He's such a unique and lovely boy.  I briefly saw Gabby, the white mom cat, but she hid while I visited.  I must have stayed two hours, maybe three!  We laughed and had such a good visit.

They have it rough now where they live, because the school next door became a bilingual school.  So Hispanic students from all over the area come there, and because they come to this school, from out of area, they're driven, creating a massive traffic mess on the street twice daily and to some extent, at noon also, when kindergarten lets out.   It's a nightmare, as you might imagine, and the neighborhood residents' lives have been pretty much destroyed.  House values now nonexistent.  Nobody in their right mind would choose to live in a daily traffic mess like now exists there.

Why a school district would do that to residents there, and not show some respect to them, exhibit no common sense in designations that bring massive traffic to that area, it's crazy.

Why would a city allow a school district to create this kind of a mess for taxpaying home owners, who pay out for those same schools?  Good question.

 Anyhow, it was terrific to see the sisters again, and the blind brother and sister cats.  It has been five years since I trapped the white mom and met the thin sisters.  How time flies.  They invited me back and I invited them over here and it was a spur of the moment decision to pull over by their house and knock to say hello yesterday but I am glad I did.

And there's this, I got in the mail, two of them.  The head of the GOP here in Oregon wants my urine.  Did it make me laugh?  Yes.  These days are strange, getting stranger.   Someone didn't believe me that I would get such a thing in the mail, so, having already recycled the fliers, I pulled them out of recycling and put one back together and took a picture.  Here it is:

I call it the Art Robinson urine letter, not knowing what else to call it.  It's one of those strange things you get in the mail, disturbing in ways, embarrassing, because it comes from a high profile Oregonian who probably thinks we get it.  I don't get it.  A couple years back, he sent out a full fledged book to everyone in his voting district since he's always seeking office.  Oh well, to each his own, and he seems loaded with money to send out these things to everybody in Oregon.  Rich people are sometimes eccentric.

However, for those who send urine, he will get, besides urine, a plethora of personal information about those individuals and given the fact he is the head of the GOP in Oregon and funded by some big time rich ultra conservatives around the country, in campaigns, I don't think I'd ever want my personal information in the hands of this man.  Or most anyone else for that matter in these strange days indeed.

Certainly the wealthy, the isolated and the highly intelligent are often considered eccentric.   I am afraid of Art Robinson.   He's been ridiculed severely in Oregon, as are all politicians who run for office.  But his out there beliefs, and the fact the Oregon GOP put him in as head man, makes me wonder what he might be doing in his spare time down there at his sheep ranch/medical research center in southern Oregon.   Maybe its my eccentricities and movie watching and wild imagination that turns him into a possible mad scientist bent on revenge, and with the scientific backing, money and knowledge to become the worlds next greatest villain.   I might should have donned a hazardous material suit to remove those fliers from my mailbox before burning them.

Art Robinson, you scare me.  I hope my nightmares are wrong.

His redeeming quality?  He's not afraid to think outside the box.  

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