Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Encounter

As usual, in spring, I get male cats roaming through, unfixed, which causes my cats to spray mark.  Earlier this year, an unknown young gray male was in my front yard rolling in catnip when I drove up.  I rolled down my window, but white girl Zeva was nearby and chased him down the block towards the end of the cul de sac.

Later, just weeks ago, two kids came by, said they were looking for their missing gray cat, wanted to see my cats, were impressed by the cat wheel, and left. Their cat went missing just a couple of blocks from here over two months before.  It was likely that gray cat.  The kids have come by three more times, once with their parents behind them in their car.  Kind of cute.  The last time it was two boys, who wanted again to see the cat wheel, then ran around trying to pet cats, although I tried to stop them, as the cats panicked.  One cat flew, scared, over the boys head, and hit the ground hard, from the cat run, and I think it was Honey, because the next day, she was laid out and sore.  I sent them off, told them to go look for their cat at the apartments beyond the cul de sac.

I won't let them in again.  They're nice kids, but too young too understand they are scaring the cats and need to act calmly around them.

Yesterday, when driving up with my friend, who took me to Costco, she says, who was that tabby?  It was the young darkly striped tabby who sometimes sneaks in from the dead neighbors yard.  I don't know where he comes from.

The buff and and white male hasn't been around for a few days.  Here is one early morning visit of his I caught on camera, but through the window.

Eating on the stray feeder

Notices me.  He has an old blue tinged flea collar on.

Spray marks dead neighbors house

Heads off

Out of nowhere, Simba appears, and chases him.  Simba is one of the barely noticed cats I got fixed who lives a street over.

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  1. I suspect that more than a few of the 'strays' are looking for a way to convince you to adopt them and move them in to cat heaven with you.