Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nice Days Indeed

After a weekend of thunder storms and periodic heavy rain, the sun has returned to Oregon.  Predictions are out for a hot summer.

I will renew my invasive species license for my raft, which costs about $5 or $7.   What does that money do?  No clue here.   In Oregon, ways are found to tax pretty much everything.  Most poor people don't follow the rules and pay these things yet I feel compelled to be legal.  Do I think in any way shape or fashion that tax, on my little raft, does anything to prevent the spread, via boat and waterway, of invasive species.  Nah!

I hope to get my raft out and blown up, holes patched, and on water somewhere very soon.  I love water. 

It does gather water inside the raft while rowing, whether from slow leaks or running down the paddles, and so the weather needs to be warm enough so that getting wet for a prolonged time is not a hypothermia issue or the water needs be warm enough.  The water won't warm up here for at least another month. 

I took a Lebanon mom cat with her five kittens to a rescue yesterday.   I met the foster mom in a Wilsonville parking lot, outside her work end of day.  Guess I still can't stay out of the whole thing.  Got my cute kitten fix in the process.

Such a happy mom cat with five three week old kittens.  They're with Animal Rescue and Care Fund, in Portland, now.

I saw a great piece of sheet vinyl in the remnants bin at Home Depot yesterday.  The piece was bigger than the piece I bought before, for the dining area, and installed.   Bigger and half the price!  I could not resist.  I bought it.  I could not pass it up.  It was also the same design as the piece I already installed a couple years back.  Man alive!

However, getting it home would be a problem.  The rolled up remnant was 12 feet long.  That's a lot longer than my car.  However, by leaving the back hatch open and angling the roll up over the passenger seat, out the open window over the passenger side mirror---I could transport it.  Secured it with bungees and the seat belt shoulder strap on the passenger side.  Today I install.

This is the easy install type.  No glue necessary.  Double sided tape and tack strips for the edges is all you need.  I will install it right over the vinyl squares, which are falling apart, on the floor now.  But where, is what I'm trying to decide.  I'm thinking from the front door down to the hall, in a four foot wide strip, then down the three foot wide hall.  More work that just laying it out as is, in size, however.  The aforementioned are the areas in most need of recovering.
Maple is quite leafed out, which makes the crow couple happy.

Exciting glamorous event today:  It's litter box soak day, since I missed it last Friday.
Gracie is quite beautiful, but can be hard to distinguish from Bluebell.
Gracie is shyer than Bluebell and has a nose that looks almost like Di Vinci's nose.  Di Vinci and Hawkeye are the two gray long hairs from the colony without white chest spots.  Bluebell and Gracie both have white chest spots.
This is Bluebell, who always looks like she is smiling.  Amongst the Lebanon colony cats here, there are four with gray long hair and four with gray short hair.  Of the gray long hairs Di Vinci is the only boy.  Of the short hairs, Mopsy is the only girl.  I'm still trying to find homes for these guys.  They'd love an outdoor indoor home, if it was in a safe area.


  1. I like your cat box wash day photo! I' m not the only one who cuts up those rubbermade tote boxes. My first one was about 10 years ago when my one eyed cat, a kitten at the time, would start peeing in a squat position then finish with a standing position. Therefore spilling pee over the edge of the regular short walled litter pans. We're having a lovely day here as well. Pulling weeds and mowing later.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. They're so much cheaper and easier and cleaner to buy and use! I should pull some weeds, would likely keep the neighbors from sneaking over and spreading poison.

  3. Detruffelating the kitty litter is a daily treat - and I too do a weekly soak and clean. And they rush to christen it as soon as I bring it back in - despite never being without a tray.

  4. Isn't that strange, the way they must be the first, even if its only a few drops they can squeeze out, the first to scent up and foul the clean scrubbed litter box.