Friday, May 16, 2014

The Boys Recover

Look at Rogue, still recovering from whatever teeth were pulled last Tuesday.   I believe he has just the four canines left.  His face has completely changed in appearance with most teeth gone, creating prominence in those dangling upper canines that never before existed.  Eventually he will also have those removed.

I was at first very upset with that clinic for charging me for full mouth extractions and not telling me they'd left some teeth in.  That's kind of nutty!  Now I'm over it, but still want formal recognition, in their records, which now state "full mouth extractions" that they did not do that.

Will I go back there?  I hope I don't have to.  Long, long drive.  But, if they reply to my letter, with a reasonable explanation, sure I would.  The guy there said over the phone Rogue could get the  canines pulled at no charge, at a later date, but I want to get that in writing.  Staff turnover happens, and people forget.

He seems happier.  The first night he was out of the bathroom, he wanted back in the bathroom.  Brambles did too.  They felt special in the bathroom, doted over, more loved.   Then, as I lay in bed, Rogue came to the bedroom door and began to cry.  He has a high pitched kitten like meow.

I was not sure what was wrong.  Soon, I knew.  He was crying for his new found friend, Brambles.  Brambles came running and they butted heads, and went off side by side.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Rogue had been so alone in his pain before, isolated in misery.  The road trip bonded him closely with Brambles.  In turn, the trip bonded Brambles to me.

He's a lover, that boy, a hugger, and wonderful.

Brambles, dozing today.  Rogue is in the next cat bed over from him.  Since the road trip, they're never far apart.

Lebanon colony cat Huckleberry is gorgeous!

Yesterday I took my car in to the mechanic to get the plugs changed out.  He took it for a spin and says he sure likes it.  Who wouldn't?  He checked the gas smell too.  Guess its' bad gas, old gas a better term for it.  He said the refineries put something in gas now, so it starts to "decay" after 30 days.  He said "just drive it more".  I rarely drive.  Some weeks, it does not leave the garage.  I suppose gas would kind of scum up, whatever gas does, although he claims its something done to make that happen, so you buy more gas.

The railroads redid tracks that now run a few feet behind their trailer.  they live in an airstream at their business.  I like them, but damn, how could you sleep a few feet off the tracks in Albany?  He says the council passed something to allow trains to run through town at even higher speeds.  Some engineers like to blow the damn horn every few feet, all through town too.  Blasts people awake.  Maybe that's because seems like lots of people get killed by trains here.  Two people have used trains to kill themselves here in the last months.

We got enough troubles here.  In the last ten days there's been two murders in the county, a rape and lots of burglaries.  The burglaries, rape and one murder are all connected, I guess. Or so they say on TV news out of Eugene.  A person or group of people are entering residences at night, when people are obviously home, to steal.  Well, one of those turned into a rape, and another, into a struggle then a murder.    It's got people all over town bringing out the guns and other means of protection and practicing sleep deprivation and also there's anger, over the crime levels in town.  I suppose vigilante justice may start up here, if the cops don't get this solved quickly and stopped.  Too many damn thieves in this town.

To top it off, a body got found in the Albany Santiam canal today.  The canal is Albany's water source.  I haven't heard anything more than that about this latest.  You can only read a certain number of articles online before your isp gets blocked by the local papers and mine is blocked.  I guess we are the new Gotham city.  This is a small town.  Why so much crime?


  1. I love that Rogue and Brambles have found friends in adversity. Beautiful boys.

  2. Hurray for recovery! Gerry developed saggy lips after all his teeth were out. When he slept, he blew little raspberries as his breath flapped his lips.

  3. He's already more engaged now in life here, which is encouraging. People's face sort of collapse, when they lose most or all their teeth, so I shouldn't be surprised about Rogue's new face shape.