Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dancing Deal!

I am excited, dancing, jumping up and down excited and happy.  I found a great deal and I jumped on it!

I was at Home Depot and I always check the remnants bin.  I love the remnants bin.  It had a large sheet of vinyl in it, rolled up of course, and the same pattern as the piece I put in the dining room a couple years back.   Said it was 12'x11' feet.  I bought it, and got it home somehow in a car that isn't 12' long.

I installed it today, using double sided tape and metal edge strips, you nail in with spiraly screws.

It took me awhile. There was cursing.  My fingers got bloodied, scratched, smashed, squished, on several occasions, as I struggled to remove a board beneath a cat stand and support for a cat run, so the vinyl sheet could slide under the legs of that cat tree, cat run support.

The screws were rusted and heads stripped, but I persevered.  I laid out the two sided tape and pulled off its backing and rolled out the vinyl sheet over it.  Then I nailed down the gold metal strips along the edges.

The sheet was not 12'x11'.  It was 12'x14'!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!  I love to fall into great deals.  And I fell into an awesome one with this.   I am still mind gloating over it even though I'm all bruised and bloodied and worn out, from the afternoon of labor laying it.

My floor looks awesome!  Terrific!  Beautiful!  The cats are mad from all the noise and moving stuff, their stuff, and upset.  Too bad, kitties.  So sad.


And also, a friend in Portland may have found someone interested in Slinko.   Would that not be great, for him to get a home of his own?  He would love that.  Initially it would be rough on him, but with patient people, he'd be fine in short order and have a better life in a home with fewer cats.  I am excited.


  1. WONDERFUL news. On both counts.

  2. Yay! Tool Belt Diva! Looks great!

  3. Sure is, EC! I like trying new projects I've never done, Autumn, although I did lay the other sheet before, so I knew how it easy it is. With the other sheet, things were a bit tougher, as I also removed and replaced much of the sub floor. Despite the difficulty, with the first floor job, I love learning to do new things. And that project really improved things here.

  4. Youtube is my best buddy. I just search on how to do about anything, then watch a few how to videos, and can do it. YOutube is the greatest help there ever was.