Thursday, May 22, 2014


I got a call this evening from the vet who did Rogue's dental.  The call was very relieving to receive.  I feel at ease inside myself now whereas I wasn't sure before what went on, for Rogue to still have teeth, and not have been told.

She described Rogue's mouth as really rotten and inflamed, from his allergy.  However, she felt the four canines were solid without pockets.  Sometimes she says if she leaves the canines it works out, in a cat with the allergy and sometimes not.  She apologized that someone told me he had only two teeth left and the reason they weren't pulled was the dental machine broke.  That was not the case.  I had called back, after seeing Rogue still had teeth, when he'd gone in for full mouth extractions, and I'd not been told otherwise.

After I'd called back, after seeing he still had teeth, I had been upset, wondering what happened and how many teeth he really might have left in there.  I was mad at myself, too, worried I had alienated those who donated for his extractions and felt ashamed.

I crafted a letter, several times rewriting, showed it to others, not knowing what I should really do, and finally sent it.

The call tonight was a response to my letter.  It made me happy and I feel safe about taking cats there again.  She seemed to speak honestly without fluff, which is the type of explanations I like.

I thought I'd let everyone know, on this blog, because some of you, who read this, contributed to Rogue's dental.   It's all good and he is, too.

It's been nine days now, since Rogue had all but four of his teeth pulled from an incredibly painful mouth.  He has recuperated brilliantly, although still a bit sore, and already has begun to come out to play, something he has not done in over a year.


  1. Thank you - and I love that he is starting to come out to play. Wonderful news.

  2. It made me feel relieved, EC, and also for the donors, like you, who helped out with money to pay the bill. I didn't want those who donated to think I'd used their donations unwisely. So I feel much better.

  3. yeah..glad the vet responded promptly & personally to your letter. nice!!! so cool the two boys bonded on the trip too.

  4. Good to get some resolution on that. Glad they are healing so well.

  5. Good to get some resolution on that. Glad they are healing so well.