Sunday, May 11, 2014


This is not Sunday anymore.  I renamed it Catday.  Why not, I think.   I can rename any day I like.

Do you like photo bombs?  Well, Shady suffered photo bombing.   I think you'll agree.

Miss D was in fine form this morning, demanding as ever......

 And Slinko had his usual Sunday, oops, I mean Catday issues, going surreal.....
The Lebanon colony cats are happy with their room do over, with recycling furniture into new abstract pieces.  Here Bluebell shows off her love for a former hutch top turned cat shelf...

While Vino contemplates what he might accomplish today.....

The kids came by last night, two boys at first, then a girl.  The kids who lost their gray boy cat some time ago, the cat I saw out front in my catnip but whom Zeva quickly ran down the block.  They use looking for him as an excuse to come over.  They ran right in the house to spin the cat wheel and wanted to see the backyard.  This time their parents rolled up behind them in their SUV too.  I like the whole family.  They couldn't stay long and I told the kids to come whenever they wanted.

 Tuesday won't come soon enough for Rogue.   Thank you so much to all who contributed for him to get all his teeth out.  Brambles is going along, to get any pulled he needs out.   I was at first only going to take Rogue, but the distance to the clinic is so far, and the clinic gives a discount to bring more than one, so I decided to take at least one other cat.  Brambles is the best choice because he's older and has had chronic herpes which puts a strain on the kidneys.  Bad teeth really mess up the kidneys, too, so getting his teeth cleaned and bad ones pulled now, is wise for him.  Brambles is not feral, just a little shy.  I had him in the bathroom yesterday, to trim his nails and flea treat him, update his vaccine too, since going to a clinic exposes them to whatever has been there.  He was a lover boy, hugging me, purring his head off.

Last night, jealous I guess, it was Soloman who wanted petted.  Soloman often acts half feral too, but he's tame enough.  He came to me seven years ago, just after I moved in here, when a Safehaven staff member asked me to help with cats a relative of hers fed.  Her relative was a loser, who lived with a loser guy, who bragged he'd impregnated 5 girls already.  He was 19, and sat in the apartment, entirely supported by his again pregnant girlfriend, playing video games on two different game sets and TV's.  I had to climb over this young loser, to get the cats I trapped to the car.  He declined to help saying his back was sore.  It was more than pathetic.  It made me double over laughing at what a lazy bum he was and how stupid women are to hook with such guys.

I kept four of the teenagers, some with pellet gun pellet holes through their ears. Panda's hair was so matted she couldn't raise her chin off her chest.  Panda and Soloman are the two still here of those four.  Scooter went to a barn home and Furby dropped dead here of a heart defect just after her spay.  The vet had told me she had a heart murmur.  After she died, he did a necropsy and said hypertrophic cardiomyopathy did her in.


  1. Hugs.
    Everyday is Cat Day here. Though Jazz, who tells me he is treated very, very badly would disagree.

  2. Poor Jazz, he is so abused. He should file complaints somewhere. Poor poor Jazz.

  3. I bet there's no children in the whole of Oregon who know more about spay/neuter than your young visitors do now ;)

    Good luck with those dentals

    It looks like 2 years of posts are missing?

  4. Hi Jane, yup, today's the day! More than that missing, have archived the blog elsewhere, will delete most posts and keep the blog as a news site, with only three to four current posts, some standing and permanent. Been working on this thought awhile, for more privacy and also just for something new. The archives are at wordpress and I'm also getting the odd cat out south website going there, although I'm delinquent.

  5. Yesterday someone on Twitter told me that the link I made for Slinko's FB page wasn't working. The link just took you back to I checked, it did.

    Is his page still up on FB?

    It's a shame to take so much off line, your blog is a good resource for TNR folks. There really is a mine of information there But I can understand your reasons, totally.

    Let me know (with the link to it) if you want me to tweet out some shouts for Slinko.

  6. His page is up and running just fine. Don't know why there would be any trouble with it.

  7. That's a no to tweeting for a home for Slinko then?

  8. That's a no to tweeting for a home for Slinko then?

  9. Tweet away! I checked his page, is just fine, nothing has changed, not sure why your link to it would not work.

  10. I need the link to his FB page Jody to tweet. I didn't save it. I don't have it.

    The link I made worked for a few days, then died. No idea why.

    How did the dentals go?

  11. ...and the link to his FB page isn't on your blog anymore!

  12. Try this link, although since I'm the page manager, maybe when I go to his page, the address is unique to me, as page manager? Dentals went well, about to put up a post about it, boys are doing fine today, although Rogue especially will have some days where he'll need pain meds awhile.