Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Painting My World

Well, there's nothing like a good can of bright paint to cheer me up.  And I've needed some happy face cheer in my life lately.

Number one: I'm bored, losing my self-appointed mission in life as I did last June, when Poppa closed its spay neuter mission.  I need to get on top of figuring out how to raise funds, to keep the cats here, and with Odd Cat Out, in the food, litter and vet care.  Not easy for a recluse like me.

Number two:  I'm lonely!  I'm not a recluse by choice.  I just don't know many people.  Wait, I know lots of people.  I know them only because I helped them solve their cat issues.  I need friends!

So, Sunday, the day before I headed to Portland with Cougie, that long hard day, for me, but mainly for her, but at least she was under anesthesia, I marched into Bimart.  I needed light bulbs.   Mercury bulbs I call them, because they're full of it.  I've had some bad times with mercury bulbs breaking and I know what that meant--mercury vapor everywhere.  So those bulbs give me the creeps.

Sure they're supposed to last a long time.  But in the last week alone, three have burned out.  So off I went to get replacements.

Into Bimart I go.  And quickly, very very quickly, am confronted with a sign, that throbbed out my pulse.  "Paint Sale".

I had five mercury squiggle bulbs in individual packages in my hands.  Too many to hold.  They were cheaper bought individually as opposed to packaged in two's.  Who can afford $7 for two bulbs?  Not I.  But, unfortunately, one slipped from my hands and fell to the floor.  I heard the tinkle of glass breaking and knew now that box was a toxic waste zone of mercury.  I called the clerk, who shrugged it off and laughed about them being health hazards when broken.  He quickly grabbed up the little box with the broken bulb and mercury vapors inside, and took it away.

Then  I was at the color chart, listing off from memory my online wish lists from Behr paint colors and Glidden paint colors, to the amused clerk, and debating which Lucerne colors came closest to my desired Behr or Glidden colors, although I never buy either of those brands.  They're too expensive for me.  Shire Green.  Tangerine Dream.  Bamboo Leaf.

I chose the Bimart paint brand color Lime Green and counted out money for one can.  I left the light bulbs on the counter, because I can live in the dark if my walls are.....Lime Green!

I'd bought Warm Gold color, or some name like that, at Walmart for two other walls.  I painted one wall a few weeks ago, and the other with the same paint, last week.  My newly acquired lime green was going to cover the wall currently painted Forest Green, which is very very dark indeed.

Like a deep dark Oregon shaggy doug fir forest where no light penetrates to the forest floor on a gray rainy day.

Look at it now!

Now that is a beautiful wall.  That wall will keep me awake.  And remind me I am alive still and not in fact dead.

And the other wall, the warm gold or dusty gold, now I forget its given name, is wonderful.  I think my blue lawn chair accents it well, along with the cinnamon stick trim color.  I sanded down and painted the old lamps' stand too with cinnamon stick.  I may have no fancy furniture or clothes but I have cats and I have color!

My hallway is the warm gold color also.  Makes me smile to look at it!  Can't help myself.

Outside everything's bleak and all the houses are painted to not stand out, in pastels and if you were sleepy, walking home, you might mistake one house for another.  Nothing alive allowed out there on cemetery cul de sac.  Walk in line, keep your eyes down, do not cry, do not smile, do not rage, do not stoop to help a stray kitten, lock your dead neighbors cats out when he dies and sell his belongings for cold cash to line your casket, oops, meant pocket, I think.  That's my hood.  But its not me.

If you come inside, here, where I live, you're going to feel the heartbeats.   We're alive in here, me and the cats.  We love one another, we fight, we play and we cry.

I LOVE my lime green wall!  Don't you?

Vino loves his new found cushy fun life!  I don't think I'll ever find him or the others from the Let Em Breed colony good homes.  I'm still trying.  In the meantime, I want very much to find a way to support the cats here, in food, litter and vet care, and just let them have peace and be happy.

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