Monday, February 24, 2014

Cougie's Second Go Around

Cougie was right back to drooling with her tongue out.  It's been only two weeks since her teeth were cleaned and the worst one pulled.  At that time, the vet said she would likely need them all pulled.  I just didn't know it would be so soon.
Got my upload usb cable working again, by cleaning the severely corroded inner surface of the tiny end that plugs into the camera.  So this is Cougie, after her first dental, tongue slightly out, right side lower lip swollen and draining, and eye on the right, closed in pain, from right side pain.

Today, I took Cougie back up to the Odd Cat Out vet clinic and had most of her teeth pulled.  She's cuddled now in the bathroom on the heating pad next to old Electra, who spends a good share of her time on that heating pad, since she got over the pneumonia.  Who doesn't like a heating pad in the winter in Oregon?  She races back into the bathroom if she is out and sees another cat even looking towards the bathroom.  She doesn't want her spot and heat pad place stolen.

Can't blame her.

But Electra likes to sleep next to other cats and so does Cougie so this is a perfect place for Cougie to recuperate from the latest tooth yanking she endured.

Odd Cat Out footed the bill, but they're low on funds, so I need to come up with something in return for sure.  That was very kind.

I spent a miserable day in my car in parking lot after parking lot, up in the Portland area, with an upset stomach, trying to find public restrooms when needed.  It was a very uncomfortable, painful miserable day.   My car's driver seat cushion is disintegrated from hours upon hours spent sitting on it when driving cats to be fixed.  There's no cushion power left to it and I forgot to bring extra towels to pad it so my injured sacro illiac area also protested the day.  So I ached, and moaned and hunched uncomfortably and cursed the day away, at times, and it was hard.  But not so much when I think Cougie got those teeth pulled when I had no money to get it done and if the price was one miserable day for me, then that's nothing.

Home now, about to hit the hay, so grateful Cougie could get that done.

Can't upload photos currently.  I use a usb cord plugged into my camera to upload.  One end is normal usb size to plug into the computer, then the other is the small size, for the camera.  Anyhow, suddenly my computer claims "windows does not recognize this malfunctioning device".   Or something.  I can't take out the flash card to upload from that since the battery compartment latch broke on the camera and I have it jury rigged closed in a manner that makes it difficult to remove the flash card and more likely there will be an unfixable problem with the battery compartment if I remove the flash card very often.

The encouraging part of the trip was that the car ran very well, at least I thought so. In the last couple of weeks I've changed the oil and all the filters and vacuumed and brushed off the front fins of the radiator.  I still need to change the plugs, but first I have to find my plug gapper or someone who has one, and a spark plug wrench (they've got padding so my big fear is eased of shattering the ceramics of the plugs when trying to remove them.  I suppose I can make one though, if need be).

I roamed Winco Foods in Tigard for awhile, to kill time.  I bought a pound of almonds from their bulk food section.  Raw bulk almonds used to be under $3 a pound and now they're just under $5 per lb.  But here where I live, in the only store that sells in bulk, they are over $9 per lb.  It seems strange that low income area food stores are almost always far more expensive.  So now I have almonds again.  I love almonds.  But they are like gold so I will treat them that way.  Only a few a day.  The nuts grown here in Oregon, hazelnuts, are out of reach to most of us Oregonians in price.  They are far more expensive than almonds. Tain't that the way it goes.  Oregon is also known for its salmon but only the rich can afford to eat salmon or those who can afford the fishing gear to catch their own, the licenses and the gas to get to a salmon river.

So that's my jury rigged life and I'm going to bed.

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