Monday, January 13, 2014

Two Less Boys

Finally the time has come to say goodbye, to beautiful boys Thunder and Vino.  They leave tomorrow.
Vino the Beautiful

Thunder Wonder

Meanwhile, newly tame boy Slinko, who after a year here, decided to come out as tame, began chasing Slurpy, my chirping sweet humble torti, who loves Miss Daisy.  They are best friends.

Bully behavior is not tolerated here.  Offenders are banished to the cat yard or the time out room (bathroom) until they can behave.  I chased Slinko out to the cat yard.  He later returned, humble and apologetic, and behaved.  He likes to snuggle on the bed, and loves Sam but has trouble understanding the world isn't just about him.  He'll learn.

If you can't stomach soap operas, then you wouldn't survive life in a cat house, because the drama amongst the cats, who likes who, who is in who's clique, is thicker than a middle school.

I hope one day to find him a  great home.  Now that he knows I know he's tame, he wants to play and be held and even have his belly rubbed, which most cats do not like.

Silly Slinko who was ashamed to be seen as tame and so hid his tameness, for a year, until he realized he would find acceptance here, even as a tame boy.
Miss Daisy and Chirpy Slurpy, the torti, are best friends.

Stiletto, sister Sassy in the background!

Lastly Alexi
Oh Wait, More Cats.  Lebanon Colony muted torti sisters Mona Lisa and Huckleberry.

The Gray Long hairs too, Di Vinci and Bluebell.

Lastly, really this time, the cuter than cute, Mopsy McMuffin.  
Thunder and Sweet Vino, we shall all miss you here.  Also, we wish you luck in your new home.

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