Thursday, January 09, 2014

32 ads in 35 Minutes on ABC Tonight!!!

Tonight, for once, ABC was coming through on the antenna.  Must be the storm.

So I was watching ABC's The Bite and was frustrated by the high number of ads running and relatively little show content.

I determined I would time the next program to come on, and count ad numbers.

I became distracted, however, and came back to their show The Assets, after a particularly long group of ads, ending at 10:24 p.m. at which time I did begin to count the numbers of ads, list them as they played, and time amount of actual show.

From 10:24 p.m. until the show ended at 10:59 p.m. I counted 32 ads, in three ad breaks.  11 in the first.  11 in the second and 10 in the last.

32 ads in 35 minutes.

But not only that, in those minutes I tried to time the amount of program versus ads, I came up with 21 minutes of The Assets and 14 minutes in ads.  It's not exact as I was just looking on my cell phone face at the time, which shows minutes only.

No wonder people don't watch the networks.  32 ads in 35 minutes!!!!!!!

First break from the program for ads came just six minutes after the last irritatingly long group of ads, that prompted me to start counting ads and watching the clock and contained 11 advertisements packed into 5 minutes.

1) AT&T  2) Campbell's Soup  3) Babybel Cheese 4) GMC Sierra 5) Burger King  6) Tylenol Cold and Flu  7) Scandal (the TV show) Sneak Peek 8) Local News promo 9) Kendall 10) M. Jacobs Remodel 11) Kezi news promo with Toyota

Then came seven more minutes of show.

After which came 11 more ads.

1) Hyundai  2) "Her" (the movie) promo 3) Pizza Hut 4) Geiko 5) Good Morning America promo
6) World News promo 7) Revenge (the show) promo 8) RV Palooza in Eugene  9) Edgewater Home Furnishings 10) Oregon anti tobacco ad 11) 2nd RV Palooza in Eugene ad

Finally, the program resumes.  For about five minutes. guessed it....10 more ads.

Are you kidding me, ABC?

1)Kezi news promo 2)Buick Regal  3) Quilted Northern 4) Lone Survivor (the movie) promo
5) Rolaids 6)Neutrogena 7) Red Lobster 8) Pronamel 9) Jimmy Kimmel show promo 10) Killer Women (the show) promo

And finally, finally come the last three minutes of The Assets.

Will I sit through that again?

Not hardly.  I'll rent The Assets later on Netflix or online, minus ads.

If you watch the networks, count the ads.  It's unbelievable!

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