Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Makes Me Sad Sad Sad

In the end, Flopsy went in place of Vino.  Why?  Because I couldn't get Vino in a carrier in the spare bedroom.  There's a big bed in there, that they can go under.  Tain't that easy to herd cats down low, with torn or damaged hip ligaments or tendons.

In the end, he exited the spare bedroom.  I moved the home made screen door from the bathroom to the bedroom when I moved them in there, so they wouldn't be closed out of the action.  Cats like to see what's going on.  But apparently when I went in, this morning, I didn't latch it.  So Vino exited after a short time of me trying to get him into a trap inside the bedroom.  Got everybody else.

So I gave up, being late then, and took the cooperative Flopsy.

I felt so bad for the cats upon arrival at Odd Cat Out, guilty I guess would be a better word.  They trust me.  I'm their security blanket by now.

Flopsy went into the acclimation cage with Thunder but gave me that look, "Don't you leave me here, please!"

Cut my heart out, it does.

So hard on me.

Goodbye Flopsy and Thunder.   I'm sorry you've had to go through so much these last months.

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