Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So Long Bronco Billy, Bobbi and Lizzy (formerly Whiner)

A Portland woman took in three Lebanon strays, fed by a friend of mine, whom I met when I got all the cats she fed fixed.  We've been friends ever since.  The area is over run in people who abandon their cats and don't fix them.  Their medical care will be sponsored through a Portland nonprofit, after which, they will move on to adoption.

Whiner, now named Lizzy, was left behind along with a male cat, when her owners up and left.
This is the male left behind by the same people who left behind Whiner (now Lizzy).  He's turned half wild, because people in the area are kind of mean to animals.
Lizzy--new name, new life in Portland!

Now, she, along with Bobbi, and a smoke male we named Bronco Billy, are at a Portland vet clinic, first stop on the way to new lives.
Sweet Bobbi got to go also!
I didn't even have to drive.  My friend drove us, in her big comfy car.  I just navigated.  It was the way to travel!!  Luxury living! A chauffeur!

They get checked out, tested, wormed, flea treated, vaccinated---the works!  We waited while Bobbi was tested because my friend wanted to take him back if he was positive for FIV or Feline Leukemia.  We searched for a coffee shop then ended up at a place across from the clinic called "The Living Room".  I had no idea what it was, but they had coffee, by donation, couches, tables, TV's, books.  Very cozy and friendly. We got some coffee and settled into some couches.  It was a hang out run by the Nazarene Church, primarily for people with disabilities.  We fit right in and everyone was very friendly as we waited for news on Bobbi's status.  Bobbi tested negative.

Bronco Billy, the smoke male, got to go because he had severe health issues.  Namely, a huge bulbous nose.  Yikes!!  Turned out to be a fungal infection and not, thankfully, cancer.  He'll be ok.
Check out that nose!
Bronco Billy's Bulbous nostrils.
There are two more tame strays aching for homes up there, both fixed, but both have some crusty eye URI stuff going on.
Waddles, a big buff and white boy, wonderfully tame, really wants to be your pillow.  He comfort eats and moves very little.  Depression probably.

Cissy, delightful girl with green eyes and longing for a real home too.

  My friend is so happy for the three strays who now are off to new lives and homes of their own.  There are other cats up there she has taken on responsibility for, abandoned by other people, who are tame also, who want real homes too.  Thank you Animal Rescue and Care Fund, for sponsoring these cats with vet visits.  We LOVE you!

Want to help out the group who just helped out the three Lebanon strays?  Then....
Click here to check out ARCF's Valentines Day fundraiser!

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