Saturday, January 25, 2014

Trudging On

Slinko, since coming out as tame, has been a pain, thinking everything is about him and his new found love of me!  He haunts me like an obsessed ghost, tripping me by running in front of my feet, and driving off other cats in fits of "I'm the greatest and the most loved of all", tipping the balance.  Boy.

The weather in Oregon is abnormal (sorry east coast and midwesterners suffering from severe cold).  We've had no rain.  It's not been super warm, sometimes gets to 50 degrees, but no rain, which is not Oregon.  So.....some of us are beginning to worry.  We live for summers here in Oregon, the sun, the warmth, and when we wait all winter for summer and then it rains all summer, that's when we get nasty.  This dry cold winter better not mean a wet summer.  I cannot bear the thought!

I got the compost pile covered and moistened yesterday, to up the heat and decay action.  It was a really dry pile, which means little decomposition.

Still no more homes have come up for the 13 remaining Lebanon cats.  They can free roam the house now, but mainly stick to "their bedroom" except for the three muskateers---Mopsy McMuffin, Vino and Huckleberry.  They're so awesome and would love an indoor house cat home.  The other 9, a barn would do just fine, if I could find one willing, that is half safe from predators.  Oregon is over run in bobcats, cougars and coyotes.  These predators eat outdoor allowed cats in high numbers in our state.  Many people have no clue either.

The Portlandia clip spoofing Portlanders who put up lost cat fliers, seemingly clueless, while also hearing urban coyotes howl at night was spot on.

Huckleberry has become quite relaxed here.

She's a sweetie

Vino is unbelievably beautiful!
Tugs this morning.
Chirpy Slurpy this morning.
Sam this morning.

Mums, Tugs' sister, with Juno this morning.
Daisy Face for your day!

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