Sunday, January 19, 2014


Catlandia is at last connected to the garage overhead cat runs.

I meant to get that done a long time ago, but I kept putting it off while dorking at bits and pieces of the project.

In the end, I created the run from an old useless trap.  This way I can fasten the trap door up, and yank out the fastener to close off the run.  Makes it easy.

I took the back off the trap on the end that attaches to the garage overhead runs, and built a platform to attach the trap atop that slants slightly down to the top of Catlandia, the garage cage/room I built to hold the Lebanon colony cats while they waited for a barn home that fell through.

I finished the project today by adding a shelf beneath the hole I cut in the ceiling, so the cats come down through the old trap to the hole, then jump down through the hole to the shelf inside Catlandia.

Took more work than it sounds like.  Always does.

Old Trap connects garage overhead runs to the top of Catlandia. 
The hole, and shelf beneath it, from inside Catlandia.  I tried to paint most of the wood, to protect it some, with the only color I have left, Pepto Pink, but waiting for paint to dry in the cold moist garage is like watching grass grow.  If you get my drift.

I redid the inside because I needed some of the wood that I'd used in there for shelves for other things and had already cannibalized some of it.  I've added bedding, a chair now, and a litter box.  The cats love it!
Slinko being his handsome self.  He wants a home.
Stately Mooki!! 
 He's an older boy now.  He once went to a home but cried his eyes out missing his family here and she brought him back, couldn't take his homesickness.
Rosy, from the Lebanon colony.

Lebanon colony young black male Arrow, taken today.

Lebanon colony muted torti Huckleberry
Forest, looking at me through the window from the window box.


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