Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Isis at Odd Cat Out Needs Donations

Isis is one of the 30 plus cats I trapped at the Lebanon Bone Pile Colony.

Isis was accepted into Odd Cat Out a year and a half ago.

 Isis got sick recently at Odd Cat Out.  So the director took her home then to the vet, who gave her a long lasting antibiotic injection.  She went back to the vet for fluids two days later and is recovering but she also needs dental work and some teeth pulled.  This will cost money.

I want to help raise money to cover some of these expenses.  She came from this area, from me, after I descended into hell and pulled her and 29 others out of the fires there.

The Bone Pile Colony was one of those  horrible horrible situations that could haunt ones nightmares.  I called it the Bone Pile colony because they threw dead cats on a pile, that quickly became a pile of bones.

They had dug a hole, intending to shoot the kittens of cats they never got fixed, throw their bodies in the hole, some of them "rescued" by the woman there, who often told me when I was trying to save those cats, she should have been a veterinarian.  Quit talking, I'd think, you won't even watch a trap or lift a finger to help these cats of yours.

The property was owned by an old woman, but inhabited also by her adult children, and their kids, none of whom had jobs.  They were forty and fifty years old too.  And all these unfixed cats.  The tame ones had kittens who went wild, grew up and had more kittens.  They barely fed the cats.

I took out 30 in the next month. Wasn't easy.  The kittens all had ringworm.

Isis was an adult feral female I trapped who was fixed in late September 2012 at Heartland Humane.  I didn't want to take her back there, to that god forsaken place outside Lebanon.  So I didn't.

She went with Ava, a gray tux female from the same place, to Odd Cat Out.

I want to set up a way to get donations to help cover Isis medical bills and hope to do that soon, a chip in or something similar, although I think chip in is no longer a website.

In the meantime, you can donate through Poppa Inc's website, even though it's not up to date.  Poppa Inc. is the parent nonprofit of Odd Cat Out.  Poppa closed their spay neuter mission but maintains a lot of rescued cats with no other options at Odd Cat Out, including Isis and Ava of the Lebanon Bone Pile Colony and now Thunder and Flopsy, from the Lebanon Let Em Breed Colony.

Click here to go to Poppa's website and donate! 

Be sure to say the donations are to help Isis get her bad teeth taken care of!

THANK YOU!  From Isis, Ava, Thunder and Flopsy!!!  (there are others from this area there also)

Even tiny amounts help!  If you can also spread the word, get others to donate (even small amounts), wouldn't take long to cover Isis current medical expenses.

I also want to salute some brave people.

To the Pakinstani teen who tackled a suicide bomber outside his school mano y mano, you are AWESOME.  The boy died as a result but saved probably dozens of his classmates lives.  How does one so young get to be so brave?

To the Arizona teacher who confronted a 12 year old carrying a sawed off shotgun who had just shot a classmate in the face, you are AWESOME!!!  The boy had the gun pointed directly at the teacher, who calmly talked him into surrender!  The power of words and a brave teacher!

Here's to the police who tracked down a woman in Portland who robbed two old women of their purses, badly injuring one of them in the process, seen on the news black and blue head to toe.  This heartless thief is behind bars now, where she so very much belongs.  Hope her stay behind those bars is very very lengthy.  Who does that to an old woman?

And lastly, kudos to the skateboarders of Albany, who came to the aid of a woman, deliberately run down by a young Albany meth addict with her car, in front of the Albany skate park, in a case of mistaken identity.  Guess she was aiming to kill someone else with her car, and hit the other woman instead.  The skate boarders ran to the stricken woman's aid, and provided information that led police straight to the wanna be killer's door.  Skate boarders often get a bad rap.  But these skaters---heroes!

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