Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shoes, Cats and Birthdays!

I got shoes for Christmas.  They're for my birthday too.

It was a Canadian again.  Love Canadians!  They are good to me.

A cat woman Canadian, who sent me the money for shoes, demanded I buy them for myself, even demanded a picture, like I'd sneak off with the money and get a cat fixed or something instead.  Good call, Cyndi!  I might have been tempted!

But I have some great shoes, that feel good on my feet.  They're for Christmas and my birthday and thank you Cyndi my north country cat woman friend!

Speaking of Christmas, I did go up to my brothers the weekend after Christmas.  Was great to see him and his wife and daughter.  I also saw this, which was not surprising, on a side street, when driving to his place.  Oregon was once densely populated with brightly painted VW buses.

I went up to my friends' mother in laws' birthday, number 95.  That's not a typo.  She's 95 and was visited at the party today by a 95 year old friend, who just quit driving.

She's operated with one wooden leg since her 20's when she accidentally shot off one real leg.  She's one tough lady.  My friend takes care of her.  It's a full time job.

Pretty in Pink at 95!

There was Cake!  Yum!
I promised cats.  Well, here we go.

Whiner was abandoned when the people across the street moved out.  They left their male cat too.  They were druggees.  The house is in foreclosure.  At least the bank has come out and cleared the yard and the carport of truckloads of trash.  There is still some trash out back, but a lot has been cleared.  Whiner keeps thinking they'll come back for her and waits, on the porch or on the roof.  Whiner needs a home.

Whiner, the abandoned girl kitty.  She was always crying, so they called her Whiner.
Whiner's old home, now empty with bank foreclosure papers on the windows.  The yard used to be overgrown in berry vines and trash when her owners lived there, but the bank people cleaned it out.

She sleeps on the roof, but when she sees people, she comes running, because she loves people and wants a home again.
This is Bobbi, another stray my friend feeds.  Bobbi would like a home too.  He's a very sweet boy with a very short tail.
Speaking of unfixed cats at my friends place, she's had two new ones show up, one feral, one friendly.  This is the feral, making his getaway!  Tonight as the birthday party raged savagely on, Becky and I coaxed the tamer boy up.  She scruffed him, and I felt him up for balls.  "He's not neutered, Becky," I was near in tears.  Just then, three new party guests arrived, and gave us looks.  "You gotta problem?" Becky asked.  "She's just feeling him up."  "Damn right," I nodded.

Sweet Bobbi
And one of the cats here, Meesa, dozing.
...after some drama with torti Tugs!

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