Friday, November 08, 2013

The Cage

The cage is done and now with cats!

Two shelves for the cats comfort inside the cage.  One I used to have inside the house, and is the object that slid from the rafters and gave me a black eye.  The other is a table leaf, an old one, a really old one.

That's an old desk, modified for cats!
  Nine cats are currently lounging around the cage.  They are waiting for the Heartland staffer barn home.  They should not have to wait too long.

Sadly, the woman helping went by the property, and saw a gray kitten.  The woman who lives there until the new owner signs all the papers was not home.  That means at least two cats are left to catch there, because the calico is still out there.
Boy George on the left, Camis on the bottom, although you can't see much of her, Banksy atop her, Mac, another orange, at the back, Vino and Gracie, two grays, inbetween and Rosy way back buried there between Vino on her right and Boy George, in front of her.  Most of these kitties are leaving Sunday.

Flopsy, a gray adult female, eyes me.

Storm, a young gray male caught Tuesday while 17 other cats from same place were up being fixed at the FCCO.  I took him to Salem to be fixed on Thursday.
This may end up the never ending colony.  We will save as many as we can find barn homes to take. 

11 adults and teens are now in barn homes.  Six more should be going to a barn home tomorrow.  We have another great barn home to be, once a couple get on their just bought farm, but we could use one more, or someone willing to take a couple of these kitties in.

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