Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good Luck, Kitties. You Shouldn't Need it!

Goodbye Camas, Silly Nilly, Banksy, Little C, Boy George and Mac.  Off today they went, to their new home and hope.  Sure wouldn't take much to be better than where they came from.

Little C on the right is in his new home.  Bluebell, on the left, still waits for hers.

Camis left today too.
So did Boy George, on the left there, orange and white, Bansky, the orange tabby next to him, and Mac, the orange tabby in the back. 
Silly Nilly left too, a little young gray girl, instead of Rosy, who was being hard to separate from others, who were not going.  So instead Silly Nilly went.

Boy, was the setup fabulous for the confinement stage.  A stall, completely wired up top, even covered partially, for bed time privacy, with bales of hay and omg, nice!  Also, they say there they see the two who escaped unfixed, Felicity and Siri, almost every day, so they're ok too.

Chinook, Sundown and Poncho, meanwhile, joined Ace at his confinement shop.

Chinook after he was caught.



Ace, on the left there, joined Sundown, Poncho and Chinook at a new home last week.

Allegedly there may be still four left at the colony.  The person who caused this is supposed to be trapping them herself but I haven't heard she's caught any yet.  I guess she's been feeding for years and years there.  The stories of terrible deaths and suffering that have gone on so long there, I can only imagine the horrors for the cats.

But not bad so far, eh?  56 cats and kittens removed so far.  13 of those remain waiting for a home.  At least ten or eleven of those 13 are already spoken for, to go to a barn home later this month or early in December.  Not bad I'd say.

We could have done ourselves easy and said to hell with getting involved with that.  Maybe we should have done so.  I'm broke, worn out and there will be no Christmas presents I can buy for friends or family this year.

Instead I got something to think about, with a smile, that I dug in and gave it my all.

That's worth something.

This is what I want to do now---roll around in some cat weed and play!

Wild Boys on Weed!

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