Wednesday, November 06, 2013

17 More Lebanon Let Em Breed cats Fixed Yesterday

I took a road trip yesterday with 17 more cats from the Lebanon Let Em Breed colony, up to Portland, made more difficult by I5 traffic accidents that slowed traffic to a standstill near the Barbor street exit off I5 and through the Terwilliger curves.

I was able to call the FCCO from my boxed in standstill position to let them know I wasn't moving in traffic and did not know when I would be moving again.   They were very good about the whole situation and once there, unloaded the cats for me.  They also admired my black eye, now green.

I went off and slept in my car then, in a parking lot, and was lucky I woke up in time to get back to the clinic.  I even called my Portland brother, and he answered!   I said, "I want to lodge a complaint with you about your city, please.  There's no parking.  One has to circle and circle and circle, or hunker down in a 30 minute zone, set a phone alarm, and watch for a parking cop, then move again."

He said, "I take no responsibility for this city and its parking issues.  File your complaint elsewhere!"

The cats fixed were ten boys and seven girls.

While I was in Portland, I get a call from the woman who caused the cat mess.  I caught a kitten, she says.  I had left a trap set there, for her to catch the calico.  I had hoped that was the only cat left.  But instead, she caught another young gray.  She wanted me to come get the cat. I said I can't I'm in Portland with 17 of your other cats.  Call someone else.  Instead, I called someone else.  I called Becky in Lebanon and Becky picked the cat up and later the Lacomb woman's husband picked up the cat so the cat in the trap is in Lacomb, but coming here today, when we swap out cats.   Flopsy, the one who didn't escape is coming back here to wait for the Heartland staffer barn home, while four orange and buff boys will go there to then be taken to join Ace at the Lacomb area barn home.

The Lacomb woman, helping clean up the Lebanon cat mess, is having trouble with Ace being gone, at his new barn home.  She loved him.  Ace is tame and she really wanted to keep him.  The adult calico and the buff boys, Chinook, Poncho and Sundown were to join Ace at Woven Woods, but the calico has yet to be caught.
Chinook, neutered yesterday, now in Lacomb with Sundown and Poncho, his brothers.

Poncho, neutered yesterday, now with his brothers in Lacomb.

Sundown, fixed yesterday, now in Lacomb

We are hoping very much that the Lebanon woman's neighbor will take care of Patches the calico if we get her fixed.  Hoping very very much.

This evening Mac, the orange mackerel tabby, and his brothers Little C and Banksy, are going with three others to Tangent.  I think those going with the boys will be Camis, Boy George and Rosy.
Little C was neutered yesterday.  Banksy  Mac and Boy George are his brothers.

Mac also was neutered yesterday, along with Boy George.  All four orange boys will go to a Tangent barn home tonight, along with Rosy, in photo below, who also was spayed yesterday, and calico teen Camis, spayed almost two weeks ago, when Banksy was also neutered.

I have not finished the garage cage.  Now I have to find a way to get another gray teen fixed.  There is no fixing money in the valley, nowhere either to get fixes done.  The FCCO could do the other gray, but not for two weeks and not without another hellish day and more gas money to drive the gray up, plus maybe the calico, if caught by then.  That's an expensive journey on me.  I wish we had local affordable easily accessible spay neuter options here.  But we don't.  This is, after all, the mid valley of Oregon.  Rural and poor and backwards.

After the cats leave here today, for two different barn homes, I will be stuck with housing the two black boys, Arrow and Thunder, and a host of grays, until the Heartland staffer's barn is ready.

But the end is in sight to all this and I can't wait.

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