Monday, November 18, 2013

Hawkeye is a Girl!

Darling long hair gray Hawkeye, the last cat I caught at the colony, is a girl.  She was spayed today, courtesy of K.A.T.A. at Willamette Humane's Humane Alliance spay neuter clinic.

Tomorrow, short hair gray Holdout, will get fixed.  I think, but don't know for sure, that Holdout is a boy.  I drop trapped him before I caught Patches or Hawkeye, with Javi, the black female.

Holdout is the last cat from the colony not yet fixed.  The last four I caught--Javi, Holdout, Patches and Hawkeye, have been in my bathroom away from the others, until they could be fixed.  By tomorrow night, they all will be.

Good news, the Heartland staffer contacted me and it shouldn't be too much longer until the cats they are taking will move onto the farm there.  That made me happy.  I've exhausted all resources feeding them and buying litter, all the gas to run them to be fixed.  I even cashed in my change I had saved in a can for emergencies.  If it were not for a few treasured friends helping, I would be unable to finish out the month with even food for myself.

Thank you to KATA for paying for the fixes of the last three.  Thank you Lorraine, Bev and a huge thank you to my crazy cat lady Springfield buddy Joan.

After I bring Holdout home tomorrow, I will be sleeping awhile, to rest my bad leg up and for general recuperation purposes.  I can't rest too much because until the extras move on, there's a whole lot of litter box cleaning has to be done several times a day.

I inflamed my bad leg again tonight, badly, trying to tilt the garbage can back on its wheels to get it to the curb. Almost feels like I pulled something too or got a hernia.  Gosh darn it I am falling apart.  I've tried so hard to step up and solve this cat situation and it's almost solved, just a little bit more work.  But I've been enduring some severe pain in the process, from my bad spine and all and too much heavy physical labor.  Gritting my teeth til its over.  Hoping its over soon.

 It's too heavy with extra litter from the extra cats here.  Beyond that, a couple months back, I came home after the garbage had been emptied by the company with the truck, to find the can wouldn't roll, when I tried to return it from the curb. The plastic axle holder, for one wheel, had torn, dropping that one side of the can to the pavement.  Every week since then, after it is emptied, same thing, since the plastic axle bracket is toast now.  I have to pry the axle back into the torn hole bracket with a screwdriver before I can bring it back to the house.

I should call the garbage company about it, but I'm afraid they'll charge me for the can.  I can't prove they did it.  I don't know how they are about such things.  I just hope they go ahead and dump it tomorrow, even though it's way heavier than normal due to the litter from the extra cats.

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