Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Still Need Another Barn Home. Two of Last Four Colony Cats Caught

I still need to find another barn home for some of the cats.  I have been posting about the need, putting up fliers and trying hard, but so far no luck.

I caught two of the last four cats at the colony.

I caught the black cat and the short hair gray.

I call the black Java and the short hair gray Holdout.  They are young adults, like most of the colony cats.

Still at the colony, a fuzzy gray long hair and the calico, Patches.

Without anywhere to get them fixed free, with no local groups to help, I am going to have to pay, out of pocket, to get them fixed, which is sad for me in itself.  I hope I can find one more barn home and that this episode will soon be history.

Patches, in photos below, the calico, has now been caught, and will be the one I take to be fixed tomorrow, since she's still in a trap and I just don't trust calicoes.  They are so smart and if there is a way out of anything, leave it to a calico or torti to find it.  Perhaps I am becoming superstitious over escapee cat artists, but I've always been wary of tortis and calicoes and their smarts!

Sure looks like she is lactating with many kittens in this photo, taken a couple weeks ago. I hope not, or tomorrow I may be found under a disgusting shed.

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