Tuesday, November 05, 2013

8 More Caught at Let Em Breed Colony

I caught 8 more at the Lebanon colony.  I caught every cat but the calico.   As it stands now, 55 cats and kittens have been removed.

The damage that can be done by a single irresponsible person is astounding.

I caught all the orange and buff oranges, four more.  I caught the last adult black.  And I caught three more grays.  Just the calico left out there, I think.  I wish I had caught her.

I guess the woman who caused this told the neighbor the cats were being removed when he asked what was going on with them, why were they disappearing.   She said she told him she had told him she was going to do this, wasn't going to leave them behind.

Well, she never contacted anyone or lifted a finger to help the cats.  She was going to do just that, leave them all behind.  How stories warp to suit a person, so they can look good.

I'll not miss the smell of that tiny feeding room, sickly ripe with rotten food and mold.

I'm done in, that's for sure.  Today the rest not fixed will be fixed.  17 more will be fixed, to be exact.

Tonight, four more of them will be in Lacomb.  And by tonight, Ace will no longer be in Lacomb but instead be off to his new home.

By Thursday, six more will be down in Tangent at their new home.

The rest will wait for the other farm home.

Please fix your cats, people.  Do not ever do such a thing as this woman did, to cats, or to other people either.

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