Sunday, November 03, 2013

Seven More Caught. Cage Almost Built.

I got busy and I built the cage.  Almost.

There has been blood.

Last night, about to quit, I'd been pulling scrap wood, mostly still the stuff scrounged in Millersburg after a house burned, and something else slid out of the rafters and hit the side of my face.  That hurt.  I quit wisely then and put an ice bag on my face, hoping to avoid a shiner.  I had a black and blue eye this morning, didn't show well in a photo however.

Did not keep me from getting the garage room/holding cage almost done.

Today, thankfully, instead of scrounging and piecing together scraps, I invested in two 8x4' sheets of cheap OSB.   Becky from Lebanon came and took me to Home Depot in her large comfy SUV and the pieces fit once cut the size I wanted, in her car.   This cage will hold the cats going to the Heartland staffer in style while they wait for she and her hubby to take possession of their farm.

She went trapping with me too.  I caught seven more, including the black kitten.  Sadly, I think there are still seven more to go.  I had thought there were only 13 left, but I saw 14 at least today. A huge skunk showed up beside one trap and I raced out to keep it from going into the trap.  That's all I need.

Several raccoons showed up too.  Then came the thundering turkey herd.

This evening's catch included a black kitten (going to KATA tomorrow):

Also caught, three more grays.....

And, I caught another muted torti adult, probably Mona Lisa's sister.....

The final two caught were a third adult black, unknown sex and an all buff kitty, assuming boy....

I have not caught this buff boy, nor Patches, the calico....
I have not caught this orange tabby on white, nor Chinook, the buff tabby on white.

But we are chipping away at it and have barn homes ready right now to take 11 cats with another home waiting also.  With these seven trapped, 47 cats and kittens have been removed from the colony.
Camis the calico would love to be tame and get a tame girl home.  She lets me pet her.  Camis, Banksy will be leaving me Tuesday or Wednesday for their new home, however, along with four friends.

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