Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Sucker

I am a sucker.

People are still at it, after me, to solve their cat problems.

I got one call the other day.  Guy wouldn't let up, after I tell him I have no money, and that the funding for fixing cats is gone.  He keeps going on and on, that I need to help him out, that I helped his buddy out and now he deserves it too.  It doesn't matter to him I have no funding.  I must pay out to help him.  I try to give him the other options, but he claims that isn't good enough.  Until I hang up on him.

I get other calls, lots of them, people demanding I help them, fix cats, take cats in, or even give free trapping advice.  Like the doormat I've become, here, doing what I did, giving myself away, like I don't matter.

I agreed to retrap a fixed colony, for relocation since they found somewhere for them to go.  They'd lift not a finger in effort.  Would be all my labor, my nights.  I'm just a private citizen.  Not one of these people would lift a finger to help me out with anything.  So why am I even responding?  Beats me.

I spent an entire uncomfortable awful night out there, trying to retrap, had been told it would be so easy, but I couldn't even find where they were being fed. That night, I saw only one cat, a cat I'd never seen before.  Then  I caught an unfixed male is what happened, in a supposedly all fixed colony, a Siamese I was told was unknown to all involved  But then I remembered seeing him in the brush when I was trapping out there to fix them almost two years ago.  I'd asked about the Siamese kitten then, the ghost hanging on the perimeter in the dark.  He's been around there that long.

The one cat I did see before catching the Siamese was a brown tabby tux short hair I didn't know.  The old couple who stop by to see the cats at night talked to one neighbor with cats who said their neighbor got that cat at the humane society, then decided they didn't want it, and shut it out, won't even put out food for the cat.  So its on its own now too.  Makes me broiling mad and they need turned in and charged with abandonment.  That's what laws are for.  That poor little cat.  Was probably abandoned before, ended up at a shelter or rescue, got a home, and boom, was done in again by nasty humans.

All my expenses were to be paid.   I finally drove that poor skinny Siamese boy up to the place near Portland where they could all go, if trapped, after holding him in my bathroom (too hot in the garage), for five difficult days.  Holding a just neutered adult male really riles up my cats.  That male smell. Nothing like it to spur unease and discontent and the desire to fight anybody, even your friends.  Just ask Sam or Comet or better yet, me, how male hormones create violence in a formerly peaceful little world.

 You know how much gas costs these days?  My poor car, with its mileage age (240,000) no longer gets the 31 mpg it used to get.  I got tied up in traffic too, which didn't help.  So a trip that should have taken just over an hour, took over two hours, much of that spent in gas consuming bumper to bumper stuff.

Then they brought me the "tame" one, who had been sick.  I got her fixed way back in November of 2011. She was one of several preteens then, born to a feral mom. I didn't believe she would really be tame, a cat born feral.  So I figured she'd be going up to the barn sanctuary also.

Turned out she is super tame, although quite nervous about being in my bathroom.  She climbed the bathroom walls when I let her out of their carrier.  But I was panicked with no time to set up anything better in the bathroom once she arrived.   The carrier was secured on only three of the four door prongs.  I could feel the front door giving in backwards when I picked it up in my driveway after they unloaded her from their pickup.

Her eyes have been inflamed so long I doubt she'll ever have normal vision.  She has green drainage from both, indicating active infection.   No rescue or sanctuary will ever take her sick as she is.  I ended up in quite the predicament.

The conjunctiva on both eyes is red and inflamed all the way around each eye.  That third eyelid, so inflamed so long, sags from the top and drawn up over a quarter to half the eye from the bottom.  Poor little girl.  I don't have money flowing from my pockets.  I don't have the bucks to take her to the vet.  I'm trying to find a rescue willing to take her as is, get her medical care, and not just kill her.

She was clogged in hairballs too and still isn't eating normal.  She panted and heaved, in what I at first thought was over heating from stress, when I first let her out.  It was stress all right but she also had a very high temp from illness.

What am I going to do now with her?   The best I can.  And if I can get her well, then I'll try to find somewhere for her, a home or even that barn sanctuary, although she really needs a nice loving home.

As of today, Friday, she is doing much better, with her cold, on just old amoxi, and some old vet meds eye polycycline.  She kept me up half the night with activity in the bathroom, however.  Not a good foster location being right by my bedroom.  I am beset with allergies this year anyhow.  The particulate matter, dust, pollen, seed debris, from the local grass seed industry has my eyes feeling like sand paper and my sinuses and nose constantly inflamed.  I so want out of this valley.

As for people who want me to take on their shit, instead of doing right themselves, well I don't know what to do about them.  Most people don't want to lay out any effort to help anybody or anything I guess.  They look for a scapegoat, someone with a soft heart.

I can't help anybody else anymore.   I have a hard time here now, feeding the ones I have.  Do you get that people?  Leave me alone.

UPDATE:  I suspected she is clogged with hairballs and worms and I think I'm right, as she finally put out two very hard little pellets of poo.  Yes, we who deal with cats watch the poo for the clue!  She's getting cat lax, nutrical and fluids, and is drinking now on her own, but I don't trust she gets enough so she's getting sub cu supplemented on that.  I suspected it immediately due to her long fine hair undercoat and flea ridden body which caused her to constantly lick, groom and scratch.  I brushed out most of that undercoat first thing and then resorted to vegee oil, as a lubricant.  Now I've bought some cat lax and nutrical, along with a 60 cc syringe, to give push fluids.  They charged $3.50 for one 60 cc syringe at Wilco.  Now that's an expensive syringe.  What is the mark up on that?  I would bet over 70%.  Maybe higher.

I believe she will be going up to the barn after all, since she has both eye antibiotics and oral antibiotics available through a vet she works with.  But first, the girl needs to eat on her own and she is not doing that yet.  I'm force feeding her, but only fluid calories.  Also, another problem has arisen with my car---a whine with idling, not a loud screeching loose belt whine, but something different and it gets worse the longer the car idles.  Would I even make it up there, I wonder.

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