Saturday, July 27, 2013

Scapegoats like Me. The Rats and Cats of Albany.

Funny thing.  Albany is over run in rats.  Of all kinds!  And species!

But now the "aggressive program" to control feral cats in Albany, is being cited by the mayor as possibly one cause of the city being over run in rats.

See the story here.

That "aggressive program" was none other than little old me.  And I wasn't paid.

I also rehomed literally hundreds of unwanted cats or got them to shelters and rescues who could find them homes.   But now, apparently all this effort of mine, is being blamed for a rat out break in Albany.  I can't do anything right here.

I'm also cracking up!  Laughing my head off. Giggling uncontrollably.

Sometimes you cannot please anyone.  Sometimes you find yourself the scapegoat for the strangest things.

Now I'm the cause of the rat problem here?

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Actually, too many people here live like rats, in their own garbage.  There are so many households where people don't clean anything.  They climb over mountains of garbage and rotted dirty clothing to get to say a buried couch.   The way people live in these parts, in filth, has shocked me!  I saw it everywhere when cat wrangling.  It's another thing I won't miss.

That's the cause of our rat problem in Albany, not a lack of cats.  But scapegoats can divert blame and avert worrisome city image problems.  Scapegoats like me.

In other news, I got my last filling Tuesday.  After the numbness wore off that day, pain filled in for it.  Pain that has become so bad, as of last night, I wanted to tear off my face.  The pain is on the inside up in the gums along that upper side and on the outside, along my cheekbone, where the pain is like fire.

I should have called earlier, I realize, but I kept thinking it was bruising or something, and would get better.  Instead it has only become worse.  I was going to go in yesterday afternoon, but my trip up north with the Millersburg Siamese boy got drawn out, due to the woman taking him not being there til afternoon, then nightmarish traffic that turned a one hour drive into two hours on the way up.  I did not get home until nearly 7:00 p.m.

Last night the pain was severe.  I'd taken Aleve, two of them, and they did not touch the pain.  This morning I finally called the office's emergency number, concerned my mouth is infected.  The dentist who called back said my cheek would be swollen out if it is infected and prescribed some synthetic pain pills, since I might be allergic to Vicodin.   I took one and the relief came within an hour, but the pain is already back in full force.  I slept last night finally with an ice pack across my jaw.

I am also quite worried it really is an infection and infection in the mouth can go to your brain or your heart.  It's too bad to not be something major.  I mean it was just a filling in the far back upper left tooth.  How come it hurts so bad now?  It didn't hurt before I went in.  Doesn't that have to be an infection to hurt like it is hurting?

I can't wait until Monday, when I will go to that office and hopefully I can find out why in the world this last filling laid me out in such horrible pain.  I just want it to go away.

As for the article's mention by the mayor, of the feral reduction program, possibly causing the rat problem, I take it as a compliment.

The program was progressive and super cheap for the city since my labor, time, bait, phone answering and vehicle use were free to the city.  It was a wise use of tax payer money.  The city and taxpayers got maximum impact for a very small investment.   I could have said "no".  I didn't.  I would do it again, too, because I'm eager beaver, and in some ways, not very bright, although I'd need a new car and possibly a new body.

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