Thursday, July 25, 2013

KATA Fixes 17 Local Cats Today. Ben Zen Needs a Den!

I transported 17 local cats to be fixed in Salem for KATA today.

Among the 17:  Peso, the Siamese mix male I trapped at the Millersburg colony.  Oh, I forgot, was going to try to recatch the fixed ferals living there, due to impending development and the fact they have a place to go if caught.  Instead, after sitting out there all night, I caught an unknown skrawny Siamese unfixed male.  I'm talking super skinny, like he's missed most meals for some time.

Peso, the skinny Siamese trapped in a fixed feral colony.  Only 6.6 lbs.  Poor little guy. He was fixed today and will not be returning to where he was trapped since that area is about to be bulldozed under for development.

Would you not know it, once again there are unfixed cats there.  I saw another, a short hair brown tabby tux too.  Wouldn't you know it?

So this poor boy gets to go elsewhere, although he was not one of the originals I thought I'd be re-catching.

It's tough on unfixed males during heat waves.  They roam, as usual, looking for sex, and often end up where they can't find water, and it has been broiling hot in Oregon for weeks. A cat can't digest food without water.  That's probably why this boy is so skinny.

He got neutered today and he will not be going back.

Also, amongst the 17 I drove up (I didn't round them up, that job's over for me), Ben Zen, whom I caught in my neighbors garage, and Tonka, who ran into a local auto shop wanting help.  He was skinny and flea crawling and really really needy.

Ben Zen got fixed today.  He's really gotten bigger since I saw him last.  He wants a home now.  He's with KATA and spread the word!
I was waiting for the KATA volunteer to get home, when returning their cats and kittens, and spotted these two best friends, also KATA fosters, in her window.  Aren't they adorable?

Ben Zen from my neighbors garage, is ready for a home.  He'd love one with another kitten because he likes to rough and tumble play.   Spread the word.   Ben Zen needs a den and he is awesome and deserves a wonderful home!

I spent five hours yesterday rowing around the lake, in my raft, and swimming.  I had a blast, but I am paying for over doing it today, with soreness everywhere.  I must think I'm 18 still or something, to row and swim that long, without building up to it.  I may be in pain, as a result, but there's a big grin on my face.  So don't take my complaints too seriously.  I had fun!

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