Monday, July 22, 2013

Paranoid Nation

America is paranoid.

So paranoid over a million people have security clearances.

Billions of American tax dollars are spent on security systems now, and many of those spy on us--America's own citizens.

The police scan license plates and the information is stored in a vast system to track movement.

How did all this happen?

We spend so much on our paranoia and military, there's not much left for things that matter.

If you ask the average American if all this is necessary, I think most would say it's nuts is what it is, a nation gone crazy.

Seems super scary to me.  Secret police type scary.

Consider Oregon is so paranoid of animal rescuers the legislature passed a law allowing searches of our homes without a warrant.

Does all this matter?  Does if you live here.  Does if you're dumbfounded about how this all happened and the fact our nation would rather spend a zillion billion dollars on tracking its own citizens' movements and communications, than spending that on food stamps for hungry Americans or building new bridges and highways.

Paranoid nation no kidding!  Whoa nilly!

Also, someone on an e-mail list wanted to invite a breeder friend into the communication over opposition to SB6, the anti rescue bill that passed in Oregon.  I responded "No Breeders!"  She responded back "But there are legitimate breeders."  Really?

I see breeders like I see historical Nazi Germany.  The Nazis wanted to create a purebred race and gas the mongrels and undesirables.  Breeders breed purebreds and the imperfects are disposable.  As are the excess mongrel cats and dogs.  Same thing as the Nazis only with animals.

So do I want breeders on any e-mail list I'm on?

Are there legitimate Nazis?

There you go.

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