Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Until Later....

Tomorrow I may be disconnected from TV and internet.  I've been spoiled rotten having these two things.  My brother has given me this gift for awhile, but is unable to continue.

I believe it will be tomorrow that the cable is cut, line goes dead, etc. etc.  Off the pacifier for me.

I know a lot of people make comments about TV and how bad it is to watch and all.  But I like watching at night, dropped out exhausted in my chair.  I'll miss it.

As for internet I hope to get another different type of connection soon.  It won't be as speedy, but I'm sure it will be adequate.

I was dismayed when learning about internet access provided by the phone company in this area.  They want you to bundle, for one thing.  They had one stand alone offer.  You got a decent price for 12 months, then the price went up and you are locked in for five years.  What?  Five years?  You are kidding me.  Who  lets companies get away with this?  Where's the FCC?  When they checked my address, the service rep's eager mood changed.  She had just told me I'd need 7 Mbps if I wanted to stream at least, preferably 12.  But after checking my address, she said the phone lines in this area will carry only up to 3 Mbps.

Meanwhile, the car still sits leaking transmission fluid by the pint.  I clean up the mess under it in the morning, fill it back up, and back it out of the garage.  At night, I put more in, and drive it back into the garage.

May be fixed later in the week, if I can ignite a fire in the right place.  I am trying to do that.

It's a long walk to anywhere from here.

Somebody walked into my house last week and declared it stinks.  I was horrified.

It's Peeman Sam caused.  He became very agitated over all those males of late.  Like the four new show unaltered males who came through the yard, a couple of whom came back for a week or two, after I got them neutered, but none have been back in awhile .  But when they were passing through routinely, they spray marked everything and inflamed my ultra insecure boy.  Then there were the other four males I tried to save, those wonderful strays.  Mango, from the Shell station parking lot.  Hobo, who in the end, died.  Sherman, the bobtail Scottish Fold, now in a Portland home.  And lastly, Da Vinci, from N. Albany.  I had to bring them into the bathroom because the garage was too hot to hold cats at that time.  One by one, they finally moved out and on, but they left a legacy---their unfixed big boy smell and this drove Sam mad.

So, I ripped up the sticky vinyl squares, that never really did keep out moisture, not even from mopping, off the sub floor of particle board and found the bad spots.  There were only about three small patches of damaged particle board subfloor.  Nonetheless, today I ripped out the sub floor in those spots, and I hate it when particle board gets used as sub floor, because it bubbles up with moisture then turns to sawdust.   I used a Goodwill circular saw, a screw driver for prying it up and a kitchen knife, which broke in the end, for trimming.  I could not find my box cutter.  I'd gotten a piece of sheet vinyl, not enough to cover the entire dining and living room.  That was too much money, but enough for one area.  Tomorrow it gets laid out.  It's the kind you don't have to glue.  Nice and easy.

I felt proud getting that done.  I had been horrified when that woman said that and embarrassed. The moment she left I began ripping the floor squares up to find the problem spots.   And I was mad at Sam and my easy heart, that melts when I see a stray in trouble.   It was not easy to get that old particle board out with those tools.  I replaced the spots I took out with OSB I had in my rafters, gleaned from the Millersburg fire house remodel.  Some pieces were just the right thickness.  I could not believe my luck in having that.

Been a stressful few days.

Until later...hopefully....

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