Sunday, June 30, 2013

Breaking Two Addictions

The darn stupid bill will be voted on today, but you can sign the petition!  I'm not in agreement with the petition, that asks the vote be delayed.  I think the bill needs NIXED!  But sign if you agree and add comments to the effect the bill doesn't need delayed, it's needs voted down!

I am against balls in cats.  However, I'd like to see the democrats in the Oregon Senate and House grow some, to vote this bill down.

Sign the Anti Rescue Bill Petition!

Seems I was addicted to TV.  I thought it would not be that hard when the TV was disconnected.

Oh how wrong I was.

The first day was the worst.  I wandered around, would sit in my "TV chair" then realize there's no TV to be had, get up, walk around, turn on the computer, make pointless comments on Facebook, turn it off, wander around.

Today I did better.  I got a lot done.  It was seriously hot outside today.  But the addiction cravings got to me in the end.  There is an old direct TV dish on my roof from some former tenant.  There is also an ancient huge towering analog antenna up there, rusting and swaying.

I found one jack with a cable connection from one of those two devices and dug the dusty cable end out of the wall.  I found a 15 foot cable and connected it to my TV, turned it on, set it to antenna, and searched.  I got ghosts on only one channel, through severe static.  I was enthralled.  How sad is that?

It was as if I'd quit smoking and.....totally strung out, found a butt along the curb and anxiously sucked at empty paper.

The need for TV urgency finally passed.

I used to turn the news on when I got up.  When I was cat wrangling, I was always up at the crack of dawn. I'd watch the news as I fixed breakfast and morning coffee, then sit down with coffee and eat breakfast watching the news.  It was fun.

At night, I'd have it on whether I was watching it or not.  I'd be playing with my cats, doing chores, with it on, glancing at it now and then.  There were certain shows I liked and would look forward to watching.  Kind of an admission in this day and age, like eating donuts in public.  I remember one person told me TV makes you fat, stupid and boring.  She was probably right all along.

The Internet isn't much better.  I have trouble communicating wisely online, especially when I am lonely or tired.  It's like its not real life to me, more of a game.  I have never met most of my facebook friends.  When someone wants to friend me, I usually do.  That isn't wise.  If I post something and they misunderstand it, the people whom I've never even met, that can get you into trouble.

I've sent e-mails out in a hurry I expect will be understood one way and they're not understood that way at all.  I read people's e-mails too fast often, or not completely, and take things wrong too, on my end.

There's no more TV in my life.  I will have to fill time some way.  But I need to not fill that time on social media.  I don't know the people I'm talking to.  They're like fictional beings to me in some ways.  Out of story books. Or movies.  It is hard for me to connect that they are indeed very real somewhere out there.  I imagine who they are and what they are, but they're never really that way.

Given this I need to quit social media too except for communicating with people I really know, from face to face, and a few I am pretty sure, even though we've not met, I know fairly well.

As for the stupid Oregon bill to regulate rescues, to be voted on tomorrow, I am no longer a rescue, so I have nothing to worry about except the complaints that probably would be filed, claiming I am a rescue without a license.   But if someone makes a false complaint, I will file a lawsuit, against the enforcing agency, or the person who complains.  You have to be seeking donations if not an active rescue, to come under the bill.  I won't anymore.  I'll just pick up more cans to cover costs.

Fratball season is coming up.  I'll have to position myself to somehow benefit from the excessive drinking habits of Corvallis students and football fans.  And boy do they drink.

I made almost $200 in one day doing just that, many years ago, when I still lived in Corvallis.  I had trouble finding a parking space close enough, that I could walk back and forth.   I was in awe of what went on outside the stadium.  It was like a Roman Gladiator event.  The excess was unbelievable.  People were there with huge RV's, big screen TV setups, expensive foods they were grilling, like salmon and steaks.  Liquor of all kinds was flowing freely.  One man told me he paid $5000 just to have a parking place in the stadium lot for home games.

I got called a cockroach, by, of all people, a drunk old rich lady.  I tried to explain why I needed the money, for gas to transport cats, but that was like debating with a rock.  She was drunk and drink brings out the worst or best in a person.  In her case, it was the worst.  Most can pickers were organized.  One person, at least, would pick up the cans.  Another would guard the bags and a third would drive through quickly, with their truck, and pick them up, at time intervals.  I had no such help.  So I went for the bottles.  Nobody was going for those, because they are heavy and break.  I made a good pile of cash that day.

Later, I was telling my ex boyfriend about it, still in shock over what I saw there.  I had seen my first uber rich.  He defended the display and said such events are needed.  People's lives are stressed and hard and they need a release like that he said.  He said there should be more such events not less. After I thought about it, I had to agree.  They were having fun!

It is sad there will be no more Valentino's in my life, no more Mangos rescued injured and starved from the freeway....

I used to think Oregon Humane was OK, didn't know much about them, because they're way up there in Portland, except there were some horror stories in years of yore, like with most shelters.  But they turned around and I figure do a good job.  But then, the director decided to get political and go after us little people helping animals so I don't like them anymore at all.

The bill is a big eye opener to me.  I understand now, how rich and powerful people who want to control the world and us, can easily do it pairing up with politicians.  Yikes!

In the end, the thin sisters caught the mom and five kittens in all.  The big male got away from them when they were cleaning his cage.  Tomorrow the mom gets fixed.  They said she's super wild.  I hope she doesn't get away from them before she's fixed.

I told them to leave a trap set, water out, over in that yard, just in case, to cover their butts, because, there could be another kitten under that shed and you sure wouldn't want him or her under there alone, so young, in this terrible heat.

The young hotshot fire crew dying in Arizona just breaks my heart.  I don't like to hear about younger people dying.  Hotshots are usually young and strong and eager and just makes my stomach churn with sadness to hear of it.

This heat wave coming right before the 4th is very dangerous with fireworks.  Lots of people have no sense about it and will fire them off anywhere and put property and life in danger.  This neighborhood is usually full of people shooting off illegal fireworks.  They have started up a couple of times last few days only to suddenly stop. Police must be cruising watching for it I figure.  Something.  Or maybe they've just become too hard to find or too expensive.    I hope the illegal fireworks people don't burn houses this year.  I hope they don't burn down mine!!

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