Monday, July 01, 2013

Oregon Anti Rescue Bill Passes Oregon Senate.

The darn stupid anti rescue bill, bured deep as the doodoo behind it in a general animal welfare bill, passed the Oregon Senate this morning by a vote of 17-14.  This is the doing of Oregon's democratic party, HSUS and Oregon Humane's director. the democratic party headquarters and tell them, WTF are you doing?  You're supposed to be the party that supports the little people, not the sell out party.

Here is their number, for your convenience:  (503) 224-8200

Call your state representatives.  I got a shock when I called mine.  They claimed it is a bill against animal abuse.  The aide had no idea the rescue regulation part was buried in there deep.

Call the governors' office, although I can't imagine him growing the balls to oppose it.

Try anyhow. 

Governor's Citizens' Representative Office
(503) 378-4582

It all makes me sick.  KATA is upset over this too, really worn out over all the hurdles thrown our way anyhow, and now this?  Making it harder to help the vast numbers of animals in need in this county?  WTF?

I'm so upset I'm going to have to leave, go up to the lake, and submerge myself in nature to forget the conniving going down up north.

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