Saturday, June 29, 2013

Politiking and Cat Trapping

I'm tired.

I'm going to bed.

I have been helping the thin sisters catch those kittens, a few blocks from where they live.

Seems a black female had four (at least) black kittens in a man's backyard.  He wasn't feeding them.

The thin sisters found out and asked me to help trap them since I've helped them before.

When they heard my funding was gone and that I could not take in the kittens, due to that Oregon stupid bill, and other reasons, they tried to find somewhere else they might go if caught.  Safehaven is full, but, the thin sisters offered to pay all expenses for the kittens, including, once they're old enough, for them to be fixed.  That moved them to the head of the wait list.

That's like super Good Samaritan legend stuff, that they would do that, for this little family.

In the meantime, they got a cage to hold the mom and kittens, until mom could be fixed and the kittens can get in somewhere.  It will be outside their house, under cover, however.

I went and set traps, gave them advice.  We set up a check the trap schedule.  The heat wave has hit which makes night trapping the only real option.  I got the night shift trap checking.  About 2:00 a.m., I find a huge black male in one trap.

 He's in somewhat rough shape but has been owned at some point.

Last night I'd talked to people in the nearby apartment complex.  The man with the backyard kittens had pointed a calico in a field behind his house, says he likes her, that she's tame.  I knew where she came from, because I got her fixed about a year ago.  On May 31 a year ago, to be exact.  I looked her up, by her address.  We little rescues don't keep very good records though, do we?  We must be regulated and hand slapped and fined in that regard, don't we Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney, (Prime sponsor of SB 6 that fines, severely regulates rescues and denies us 4th amendment rights as American citizens). and Sharon Harmon, (author of the section of SB 6 regulating rescues) director of the biggest richest shelter in the state?   We're so stupid and evil and all.  Is my bad attitude showing?  OMG.  Yes it is!

Bailey the calico's owners were not home.  When I got her fixed they wanted to get another stray female fixed, but she got out the night before, and then was never fixed. Now, neighbors claim, they are missing a black male, long missing him.  I think this boy is going to be him.  I'll try to get ahold of them again tonight.

Right now, he's over in the thin sisters yard also.  I loaned them another cage.  He settled right in.  I already wormed him.

So was one busy night.  Felt good to be doing something I know and at the time I like--night, stars out, temperature perfect!   Inbetween trap checks, I was blistered reading how that SB 6 anti rescue bill kept changing, including how they added that section 12, declaring it an emergency, that rescues be regulated, so that the bill would be implemented immediately, the day its voted on, if passed. And most rescues don't even know its coming.   I kept just staring at that, unbelieving that things like this can happen in America, that people sit down and write bills to control people, inflict horrors on them, make their lives harder.

Maybe I am really dumb, to not understand these power plays happen, in secret. Wow!  Bowl me over!

I like believing people are basically good and I wish the people who wrote this bill would not make me want to rethink on that.

So two kittens got caught last night and are now in the thin sisters cage.  And two were in the same trap early this morning.  The man thinks there were only four, but the thin sisters will keep at it to make sure.  Mom still needs caught.

And that's a night job in this heat.  I'll be on the night shift trap check again.

It's off to bed for me.

Probably my sleep will include nightmares of secret meetings and people, like me, getting hauled off by men in black and disappearing forever.

I'm also adjusting to life without Tv.  I didn't realize I was addicted.  My brother had given me that gift for a few years, of internet and basic TV, but he lost his job and can't afford it now.  I so much appreciate the gift of TV and internet for the time I had it.

I got an internet connection of my own.  In six months, when its cost doubles, I will probably have to end it too, unless I can find another deal.  But for six months, I am web connected, which is wonderful.

Yesterday, no morning news, no sitting with my cats, in the evening in my chair.  It has been a tougher change than I thought it would be.  Change is good I hear.  Will just take time.

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