Thursday, May 09, 2013

Sow Bugs Eat Cat Poo!

I was watering my garden this morning and I found something amazing.

The old man next door has three cats barely cared for. They free roam. They poop in my garden spaces.  I go around once a week and scoop it all up, but I always miss some.  This morning, I saw the sow bugs didn't miss the poop I had not scooped.  They were consuming it and even living in it.

I was amazed and thought "there must be an application."

They're good bugs and mostly eat decaying organic material and scat, I read this morning.

I also found other posts from people disgusted to find their dogs poop covered in them.  Some were very happy to find the same thing.

Sow bugs eat dog and cat poop!  I love this  They are welcome in my garden.

In fact, I might start an experimental compost bin of cat poop and add sow bugs.  Let them eat it!

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