Wednesday, May 08, 2013

NIMH Thrashes and Trashes Psychiatric Diagnostic Laziness. Hallelujah!

I did not believe I'd live to see this day.

Many of us, lives ruined by destructive psychiatric diagnostic labeling, all subjective, knew this for years.

Finally, some weight behind the obvious.  I am floored by this turn of events, happy beyond happy.

Read another take on the decision here!

With a month left to take cats in to be fixed with funding and only one clinic I can use those funds with now, due to billing/time constraints before THE END, my cat wrangling days are nearly over.  I will certainly miss the experiences, the meeting of all kinds of people, the fellowship with other cat wranglers I have met along the way.  I'm still kind of in denial.  I have to resist contacting people advertising free kittens now.  It's hard.  I know many of those kittens will go on to rerpoduce and start the whole problem over again.  Hands are tied now.

I won't miss the new nightmares. I have enough already.  I won't miss being yelled at, threatened, cheated and scorned.  I won't miss the smell of unfixed male cat urine. I won't miss the line, "Um, we can't donate now, but we will next week when we get piad."  Ha!  How many times did I hear that?  And how many times did I ever get a donation later!!!  ZERO times.  I won't miss all the scrounging for pennies for gas and begging clinic spots or spending days scrunched in my car along a curb somewhere, while cats are being fixed, before I can pick them up and drive home, even if that means another 3 1/2 hour drive back home. I won't miss tires flattening with cats in my car on busy highways or freeways.  I won't miss being shot at.  I won't miss cougar close encounters in the dark.  I won't miss entire summers rashed out in poison oak because the cats I'm catching are living in PO patches half mile thick.  I won't miss angry meth addicts with guns.  I won't miss colony caretakers who mistake my helpful nature for true love.  I won't miss the demanding angry crazy calls.

Ok, I loved all those things.

Well, we are all different and like different things.

What can I say.

It's been a great way to spend my days, despite the hardships.

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