Sunday, May 19, 2013

Selling Modified Photos on Redbubble

I've added a link, to my blog, down on the far right, to my redbubble art site.  I want to make money for local spay neuter.  Poppa is closing very very soon now.  I won't be able to do squat anymore, to help stop the local overpopulation problem.  There's one local nonprofit still trying, however, with limited funds and no publicity.  That's KATA, up in Sweet Home.

I've so far earned $12 selling on Redbubble, when I had just one photo on there.  I haven't received that yet, because unless you have a paypal account, which I don't right now, but soon will, you only get paid once you  get $100 in your account.

So, I'll be putting KATA's paypal account as my payment preference, to raise money, even small amounts help, for them to use in local cat spay neuter.  I have to try!  I can't just wither away here.  Well, I could, but it'd be really boring and wasteful of my life.

Check out the site.  I've added a few more works.  I will be adding more routinely.  What I have on there now can be bought as prints, post cards or greeting cards.  Click here to go to my Redbubble!

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