Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mango Gets a Home. Grumpy Cat May Get a Chance

I visited with Mango at Heartland yesterday morning.  I had just delivered seven cats there to be fixed.  They were a mom and five kittens from Lebanon, plus Grumpy Cat, renamed Hobo, the old stray Siamese mix, who showed up a few months ago at an otherwise fixed feral colony.  Hobo is a train wreck.  He has ear mites so bad he'd scratched the back of one ear raw.  He was covered in fleas, long hair matted severely, has very few teeth, is old and unfixed.

By afternoon, KATA called to say, "Did you see the Heartland post?  Mango got a home!"   Fear immediately took me over.  There are so many bad people out there.  Who adopted Mango, good people who will care for him the rest of his days, and play with him and love him, or lousy people, who won't even clean his litter box and who will leave him, when they move.  But I have to just hope it was good people.

After initial fear left me, other emotions replaced that.  Of joy.  Relief.  Happiness.

Heartland might take in Hobo next week, possibly on Monday or Tuesday, give him a chance too.  He doesn't have many teeth, but needs a couple of the ones left pulled.  They could do that there and they fell in love with him when he was there to be fixed yesterday.

So he'll stay in my garage til then.  He likes the cozy bed in the cage, sometimes just sits there purring happily.  His purring motor sounds increase in level when I touch him and he really roars in delight to be petted.  I tried shaving mats off him before I took him to be fixed, but my clipper blades are too dull.

Heartland shaved more of his mats away.  I was given $20 by the woman with the mother and kittens for gas, so I gave it to Heartland and asked if they would thoroughly clean and then treat Hobo's ears. They did a great job.

Hobo is a humble cat.

The big boys get in trouble this time of year.  They die by the score if not fixed out on the roam.  They are killed by cars, predators, and people who hate cats.  They get diseases.  They get beat up by other big boys and if they are lucky, they run into somebody to help them, smack dab, like Mango did, in the parking lot of the gas station near the freeway, late night, when I was almost out of gas.  A star crossed that night for Mango, when our paths crossed.  I hope his luck holds.

Good luck, Sweetie.  You know where I live.

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