Friday, May 03, 2013

Mango at Heartland. Two More Orange Boys Being Fixed Because of Him.

Mango is looking good at Heartland!
Mango is still at Heartland, still not officially up for adoption because he's still recuperating from those horrible injuries. Finally, one of his large facial abcesses burst!  So he's looking even better.  Especially after his lion cut.  His terrible mats were shaved off.  However, they revealed large scars on either side of his spine.  He suffered a horrible injury, was probably grabbed by a coyote or a dog and barely survived the encounter.  He's lucky he's alive.  He's lucky he got away from that predator (dog or coyote).  He's lucky my car was so short on gas that night the yellow warning light was on, and had been on, for miles.  He's lucky when that happened, I'd been out trapping and had an empty trap along.
He's just one lucky lucky boy kitty and maybe whomever adopts him, if they need some luck, will get it along with him.

So, if you recall, the station people thought he was a lost cat from Lebanon, whose owner's neighbors trapped and dumped him, out of hate. But he wasn't that cat.  And I am friends with a different neighbor of the woman who lost a different orange tabby.  She posted Mango's photo on craigslist lost and found, so her neighbor who lost Mr. Butters, could see it.  She didn't remove that post.  And two nights ago, she got a response.  It was someone in Corvallis, who lives right next to Heartland, who had lost their orange long hair male.  So I called them up night before last, and talked to them.  Their orange kitty was already fixed, so Mango was not their lost boy.  However, they had neighbors with unfixed cats.  So today, two of their unfixed orange boys are getting fixed at Heartland, all because of Mango!
Brody, orange and white Corvallis male being fixed today at Heartland.

Pumpkin--short hair orange male being fixed today at Heartland.

These folks also have a long hair torti I saw on their porch.  I say, "Is she fixed?"  "No," the guy says, "but she just had kittens."  The kittens are two weeks old, four of them, two orange, two tortis.  I suggested they talk to Heartland about turning them over, once older, then getting their mom fixed.

Also being fixed today, the Albany man's four semi wild things, whom I tricked into traps last night.  He may be evicted for having them.  Their mom was pregnant again, but he got her fixed last week using a Safehaven voucher.  I caught one after unloading stuff from an overstuffed closet.  She had wedged herself in, but I had to remove all the boxes and bags above her to get to her.  She made a leap out then, and I caught her using a carrier like a baseball glove, in mid flight.

I only got photos of three of the four so far.  They're over being fixed today.
One of two girls.

The boy, or one of the two.

The second boy.
I don't know what will become of them.  He badly wants to keep them all, but the landlord wants a huge pet deposit.  I've been urging him to clean up his place, to have a better chance.  He tells me today he's doing that.  I told him once it's clean it's so much easier to keep it clean.  He agreed. I hope it all works out.

Sometimes things do work out, for the people and the cats involved.

I can hope.

I get invested.

I also took over three cats for KATA.  One was already spayed. But they needed her tested and microchipped. They rescued her off craigslist, someone who'd had her only three months, is moving, don't want her anymore.  She was growling deep and loud, last night, really scared over what's become of her.  But by this morning, she was mewing sweetly like a kitten, hoping for the best for herself, hoping she's not going to be killed or hurt, in this new and scary situation she's found herself in, taken from everything familiar.

Poor little girl, just wants security and love.

This boy kitty, so sweet, was found roaming the streets of Sweet Home.  He is darling.  You can see in his eyes that he will become a very loyal and brave companion.  Be worthy.  Adopt him and love him forever.

This calico, being fixed today, comes from the same place Blueberry came from, in Lebanon.  She was left behind by someone in the apartments behind E. Milton street.
There are two other kitties being fixed too.  One is a girl owned by some folks who contacted me off craigslist.  They also have a boy but could not get him into a carrier.  Heartland gave them information about their upcoming spay neuter clinic, which they are holding for the public on May 19.  Pre registration is required and the cost to fix a cat, girl or boy, will be $25.  It is a great deal!  I didn't get a photo of her.

The other girl being fixed is a black female named Wiccan.  She hails from Albany and a woman who loves cats, the neighbor of the owners, called me to see if she could be fixed. I ran into her first when attempting to find a residence where I was to pick up two cats, a few months ago, to be fixed.  I told her what I was doing and she was thrilled, since there have been so many unfixed cats in her area and she adores cats.  So now she calls when any unfixed cat turns up in her area.  I think that's awesome.  I didn't get a photo of her yet either.

So Mango is over at Heartland.  If you need luck and want a sweetheart boy, go adopt him.  Get yourself on a wait list.  He's something else, lucky as a four leaf clover, and he needs you.
Click here for Mango's listing at Heartland.   Scroll Heartland's adoptable cat list to find him.

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